When Is It The Right Time?

When is it the right time? When is it the right time to address difficult issues? When is it ok to talk about death, sexual abuse, violence, addiction, discrimination, racism, or gun issues? In my forty-one years of life on this planet I can honestly say that there is never a right time to discuss these strong, immoral, or uncomfortable topics. However, I do believe that there is a short window of opportunity in which to address these situations after they happen. The time to talk is while people’s hearts are still open and not shut down by the many distractions and various entertainment outlets that have been developed to make life more bearable, and also as a result more silent.

Our world in 2017 is like a giant pinball machine with balls bouncing to the left and the right, but never really hitting a target. Never really going to that next level to change for the better, just bouncing around in the middle and ringing the other ones bell repeatedly. In fact the only targets that are being hit are innocent civilians over and over again. We must continue to talk about the problems within our society until adequate changes and protections are implemented for all.

For every generation that goes by with a lack of communication and emotional stability, a new mass shooter can be created. For every generation that goes by without calling out the individuals that have had inappropriate contact with our daughters or sons, creates another possible inappropriate situation or emotionally devastated individual. For every generation where addiction is blamed solely on the addict and not connected to the flaws within our own systems, another mass grave is filled. For every year when cancer and diabetes are considered mostly genetic, conversations about chemicals within our environment and food products are ignored. For every year that goes by disregarding the power of nature to nourish and heal, hearts grow colder. For every year that goes by treating only the symptoms and not getting to the root of our problems, leaves the next generation more vulnerable, anxious, and hopeless than the last. For every playground hug or kiss on the cheek by a five-year-old that is categorized as sexual harassment, we have created more emotional disconnect, less conversation, and more distance. For every child that is gunned down for carrying and instrument case down the street, a conversation must be had. For every generation where the coals of hatred and bigotry are swept under the rug a fire smolders, and is easily stoked. We must work hard to give individuals access to the tools in which to communicate more effectively and in turn attain more hope for a better future.

Communication+diversity=Connection Connection+understanding=Compassion                             Compassion+acceptance=Change

There is hope! I have seen it and I believe it still exists within our world, although at times it can be obscured. Communication about the difficult issues within our nation needs to happen before change can occur. There are many individuals actively working hard and striving to make a positive impact. If we open our eyes we will see this happening all around. We are all interconnected. To test this theory spread some positive thoughts, and you will see the connections light up all around you. Not everyone will jump on board, but some will. This is what gives me hope.                    So let’s talk!

~Peace, love, & light,  jummyjeenz

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