A ripple in the water

One that creates change

When others feel the world is hopeless

A positive voice changes their minds ~ jummyjeenz D.T.

I am jummyjeenz. I like to call myself creatively fluid. The world speaks to me in so many  different ways and I just listen, absorb, reflect, and create. My visual art and poetry are in constant exploration and as I evolve, so does my work. Regularly swept up into the ebb and flow of the world around me something that is evident within my written pieces. My writing has a tendency to lean towards bringing the dark to the light and finding the light within the darkness. If you browse the various pages on this blog-style site you will see that my work is reflective of many different mediums. Delving deeply into my inner thoughts and imagination regularly has brought every aspect of who I am together, connected me with the outside world, and created oneness within my work. I see and feel very deeply and pour all of that into every new creation. For you the viewer I share my imagination, positivity, thoughts, memories, heart, soul, hopes, and dreams. Welcome!   ~Peace, Love, & Light…

Alone I am but one tree, but together we are a forest! ~jummyjeenz D.T.

Contact: jummyjeenz@gmail.com

instagram: @ jummyjeenz

twitter: @jummyjeenz

All original content © 2014 to 2022

© Deana J. Tavares  unless otherwise credited.

(Some photo, art, writing submissions for Community…Tribe…Hive… all rights are reserved by each individual artist.)

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