The bold colors of the acrylic always set my imagination free. Most of my images start with a very simple concept like a vision of a yellow bird, inspiration in nature, or dream worlds. Once that image is on the canvas the rest begins to take shape organically  around it.  ~jummyjeenz



Attainable (24×30) acrylic on canvas






Can You See Me? 16×16 acrylic on canvas


The General

The General ( 9×11) acrylic in canvas


26 cardinals

26 Cardinals (36×48) acrylic on canvas



1B (24×48)




The creative process


Unplug (24×48) acrylic on canvas



Gentle Giant 24x48acrylic on canvas






Bleeding Hearts’ Sunrise 24×48 acrylic on canvas



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Lily Of The Valley

Lily Of The Valley 24X48 acrylic on canvas





I Am Noor 24×48 acrylic and pencil on wood





Mariposa 24X48 acrylic and pencil on wood


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2 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Gorgeous work! Just met you in Natick and saw three paintings there, and you acting. I appreciate seeing your other pieces here too. You are very talented. Nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing your talents.


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