The bold colors of the acrylic always set my imagination free. Most of my images start with a very simple concept like a vision of a yellow bird, inspiration in nature, or dream worlds. Once that image is on the canvas the rest begins to take shape organically around it and new inspiration finds its way in as the days unfold. Social issues also greatly influence my work along with underrepresented groups within our society. I look at each one of these girls as a representation of myself and all of humanity as well. After all we are all interconnected! I believe that it’s important to see ourselves within one another.

~jummyjeenz D.T.

Solomiya 24×48 Acrylic on canvas

Nadege 24×48 Acrylic on canvas Mele 24×48 Acrylic on canvas

Aqua Ascension 24 X 48 acrylic on canvas

Polaris 24X48 acrylic on canvas

Aurora 24X48 acrylic on canvas

Mariposa 24X48 acrylic on wood

I Am Noor 24X48 acrylic on wood
Lily Of The Valley 24X48 acrylic on canvas
Bleeding Hearts’ Sunrise 24×48
Attainable *Sold


Can You See Me? 16×16 acrylic on canvas 

The General

The General ( 9×11) acrylic in canvas *Sold

26 cardinals

26 Cardinals (36×48) acrylic on canvas 


1B (24×48) 

The creative process


Unplug (24×48) acrylic on canvas 


Gentle Giant 24x48acrylic on canvas (commissioned piece -sold)

2 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Gorgeous work! Just met you in Natick and saw three paintings there, and you acting. I appreciate seeing your other pieces here too. You are very talented. Nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing your talents.


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