~jummyjeenz Newsletter~

August 2019 – January 2020

“Oh waves of injustice your froth, your foam,

cannot reach my heart for that is my home.” ~jummyjeenz

It has been an eventful six months to say the least. New job, new place, new life after a twelve year relationship has dissolved and the world is still stuck within a spin cycle of injustice. After all that has transpired I’m holding on to love, creativity, connectivity, and community. Not sensitive, but aware.  A strong believer in strength through vulnerability, openness, and the sharing of our stories. Heading into 2020 feeling deeply rooted, engaged, and surrounded by love. Also grateful for all of the beautiful people who I have shared with and who have shared with me as our journeys have merged together over these past six months. I’m extremely thankful for you all!

“Life is a flow of love; your participation is requested. ~YOGI

August 1, 2019 ~ Taking time to take it all in and deeply appreciate a moment in nature walking on clouds and friends flying through watery skies. A beautifully blessed day!

Wavy clouds…wavy clouds…which way up…which way is down? ~jummyjeenz


August 4th 2019 performance- We Did It For You in Foxborough MA at The Marilyn Rodman Performing Art Center also known as The Orpheum theater. For this performance I portrayed Fannie Lou Hamer, Alice Paul, and Sojourner Truth. This was yet another empowering day filled with connectivity, inspiration, and a deep appreciation for the women who have paved the way. No matter how many times we perform I’m always moved and honored to give a voice to these powerful women throughout history.

Bravo to all of the beautiful humans who came out in support of justice, equality, and human rights!

For upcoming show dates go to:

August 4th 2019 attended Mamuse house concert

After a full day of performing meeting one of my favorite groups in a very intimate setting was the icing on the cake! A dear friend encouraged me to attend when I thought it would be too much energetically. I’m thankful that she knew exactly what I needed to replenish and fill the reservoir with beauty. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it, but so thankful that I was able to attend.  Pictured below with Karisha. Walter, Karisha and Sarah from Mamuse in the next photo. I’m certain that our paths will cross again. The room hummed and swayed with energy and collective breaths of fullness.

“Harmonic, Uplifting, Luscious, Folk-Soul-Revival; A Musical Tune-Up for the Heart”

August 13-17, 2019 New work begins –

New work in various directions. Toasted to a blank canvas as Mariposa began to emerge in preparation for Septembers solo show. A tall order for sure especially with two plays, and a movie script in hand! However this his young girl needed to be seen as she emerged rapidly, destined to have a place in the upcoming show.


August 14, 2019 Making sauce! – 

When friends become family, you make sauce! Thankful for my amazing friends who share in spontaneous moments and varied experiences. The special moments between performing, creating, and working are priceless when shared with loved ones. Through thick and thin, and not enough or too much salt. Together in this spice rack of life!


August 22nd, 2019 I Want To Go To Jail performance – 

Performing once again as Lucy Daniels in the staged reading of I Want To Go To Jail by Pamela Swing and Elizabeth DaBanka at the Concord Museum. It’s always a pleasure to participate in this performance depicting suffragists being arrested and held at the Charles St. Jail in Boston MA. in 1919.


August 23, 2019 A brief kitten interlude – 

The world can be heavy and sometimes we just need some kitten time. Thankfully friends who foster kittens are bringing the kitten therapy to all who pass by.

Contact the Animal Rescue League to find out about adoption or foster care opportunities:


August 28, 2019 Feature Performance in Being Robin movie-

I was extremely flattered when asked to take part in this movie and share my original poetry. Roger Kabler has an amazing energy and spirit about him and I’m honored to have been written into his movie and given the opportunity to perform my poem    “What Is A Dream”. I have done some background acting, but to be a member of the cast was a whole new experience. I’m feeling grateful and excited to be part of this project. Roger is a dedicated determined artist and I look forward to seeing the finished product! I know it will be amazing!

Being Robin trailer –


September 7, 2019 Attended the JP Music Festival – 

This was such a lively uplifting community event and I made a few new friends through music and dance. There’s nothing better than dancing and blowing bubbles on the grass on a sunny day in September. Mamadou it was a pleasure meeting you, a kindred spirit for sure!

“Sharing amazing songs about peace, love, hope, family and friendship, bringing a positive vibe to our world.”


September 15th & 18th We Did It For You performance Chicopee MA. –

On stage in Chicopee on the 18th tackling three roles and honored to have performed in front of dear friends that came out o support the women who have paved the way. A few days before on natures stage absorbing beauty and connectivity. The ebb and flow of life!


September 19, 2019 On the host committee for Arts Connect International –

I was honored to be asked by Marian Taylor Brown and Allegra Fletcher to be part of this host committee and to help celebrate Arts Connect Internationals 5th birthday. This organization builds equity & inclusion through the arts. There were many amazing individuals at this event doing thoughtful work within the world. I look forward to continuing to the foster the friendships that I have made through this organization and continue broadening our collective palette.

September 21, 2019 Hosted Caroline Heller with School Street Sessions-

We were thrilled to welcome Caroline Heller to the Omni Parker House as a featured speaker for School Street Sessions Poetry Advisory Committee. Caroline Heller has a magical way of sharing words, stories, and moments. Reading from her memoir Reading Claudius: A memoir in two parts.


September 22, 2019 Published poem The Journey Home –

Art On The Trails Book: Marking Territory – 

This was such an amazing event at the Elaine and Philip Beals Land Preserve in Southborough MA. Poetry responses were submitted after viewing various installations within this forest sanctuary. It was a highly inspiring and deeply connected event for me and I was moved by the entire experience. The art installations were thoughtful and varied but interconnected at the same time. My piece was in response to all of the artwork on the trail and received a lovely spot in closing. A big thanks to Catherine Kundrath Weber, Maura Snell, Cynthia Franca, & Chelsea Bradshaw for hosting such an interactive event and for hearing my poetic voice as well as the voices of others!        Much gratitude!

Consider donating to the Beals Land Preserve and enjoying this breathtaking place.

To purchase a copy of the book go to:

After publication there was a reception where each poet read their piece along this beautiful forest trail where inspiration first struck. 

September 28, 2019 Human Nature Solo Art Opening at Groundwork Gallery –


Thank you to my very gracious amazingly welcoming hosts Sarah Athanas and Caitilin Joseph. Also for this write-up by Caitlin Joseph. 

Meet the Artist: Deana Tavares

I was very impressed with the environment at this co-working facility/gallery space. As I worked on the installation of my show I was regularly invited to take part in their activities and social gatherings. There is a deep sense of community at Groundwork in New Bedford MA and I hope to be enveloped within their space once again along my journey! In my opinion every town would greatly benefit from a co-working community space like this one.

Groundwork Home

To all of the beautiful humans who came out in support of my work during my opening as well as for private tours, my gratitude runs deep! You all helped to make this amazing event possible and memorable. Also thanks to Jess Fraine for being open to becoming a human canvas for this show!


An extra special thanks to this lovely lady Jessica Bregoli an amazing art director, artist, community builder, etc. Thank you for trusting my vision and allowing me to run wild within this space!

October 5, 2019 Created summary for Holy Crap I’m Mortal event Natick MA-

This was a great event as two artists Cheryl Perreault and Ron Isreal weaved their stories and songs together harmoniously, humorously, and with a heart-centered approach. This was a well attended event where one couldn’t help but to leave feeling inspired and connected. When artists come together to share their gifts it can be a truly magical experience.

October 10, 2019 Attended Art Openings –  Roy Rossow and Alison Wells

I just happened to be in my hometown and fortunate enough to see these to wonderful artists doing their thing. At the New Bedford Art Museum Roy’s work was pretty entrancing as his focus on light cutting through the darkness appealed to me greatly. At The Alison Wells Gallery her works have a great deal of movement as colors blend across the canvas. There are many talented artist showcasing their work throughout New Bedford. If you pay downtown New Bedford a visit you won’t be disappointed!

October 24, 2019 New work emerges – 

Hitting the canvas once again with new inspiration after my art show and inspired moments all around. Stay tuned!

November 3, 2019  Performed We Did It For You in Needham – 

The We Did It For You troupe performed to a sold out crowd of 400 for The Needham League Of Women Voters. This was a spectacular venue and a great honor to perform in front of this highly engaged crowd. Everyday that I perform with this talented group of women I am reminded of the collective power of community, unity, and collaboration. Onward we go into 2020 to share the stories of the women who have paved the way for us to stand on stage, be seen in the world, and sing out passionately.

If you haven’t been 2020 is going to be a great year!



November 10, 2019 Between The Cracks – 

When an inspired moment and a willing friend suddenly become a work of art that later morphs into a digital exploration. Thanks for being open to my creative whims!


November 23, 2019 School Street Sessions – 

Another successful event for our group at the Omni Parker House. This was such a dynamic event that was very well attended with a deeply connected audience. There wasn’t an empty seat in the room. I was honored to leave with a purchased copy of            What Saves Us signed by many of the poets that contributed to this anthology. The discussion that followed was just as powerful as the poetry between the pages. Check it out for yourself!

Photo credits: Susan Wilson

(Thank you Susan for capturing these expressive moments!)

December 4, 2019 I Am Dedham Human Rights Commission interview – 

Yes Dedham has a Human Rights Commission! Shouldn’t every town have one? I’m grateful to have been included in the conversation and also embraced by community. Our stories connect us, help us to find common ground, and showcase the humanity  in us all. Thanks to Margaret Adams, Joe Borsellino,  and the Human Rights Commision for facilitating this project so we can all get to know the unique individuals within our community.

December 21, 2019 Performed in Lighting The Way – 

Yes this! Climate change theater! I had the opportunity to perform in The Butterfly That Persisted, America’s First Environmentalists, Drip, & It Starts With Me. As a group we performed eight short plays that focused upon the environment and our impact regarding the way we move through the world. They were powerful pieces by talented playwrights who share their work broadly as they help to make an impact and create awareness and change within our world. Like the play states “It starts with me”!



December 29, 2019 Common Street Spiritual Center 

Hyppolite Ntigurirwa and Alan O’Hare share stories about Hyppolite’s journey through Rwanda to spread the message of peace. Hear his powerful and inspiring story of resilience and hope for yourself. I was honored to share an original song for this event along with many other talented artists! We can all spread a little peace each day!



January 20, 2019 MLK Event Dedham Middle School

I’m thankful to have been invited back for the third year in a row to share my thoughts, ideas, and poetic voice! This was yet another successful community event with many impactful projects on the horizon to bring neighbors together. Susan Maze-Rothstein shared her beautiful energy and thoughtful perspective regarding restorative justice. I’m thankful for all the efforts and dedicated community members in my town. It’ a pleasure working with you all towards justice, unity, and change!


Newest face paintings melding with digital art :

August, October, November, & December

When the face becomes a canvas it can connect us in a different way. When the heightened circumstances of the world hit deeply all artistic mediums begin to merge in an effort to combat the disconnection that occurs. In Solidarity With Humanity!



2019 Was quite a year!

Along with all of my creative pursuits there have been a great deal of hurdles and newness around me as well. “A Room Of One’s Own”…walking sometimes dancing into 2020, solo, but surrounded by love.  New home, new job, new life, with many new doors to open. I’m forever grateful to family, friends, mentors, and all of the beautiful souls who have walked with me and talked me through all of the transitions that this year has presented for me. Through the crash as well as the rise.

No matter what life has in store…”Still I’ll Rise”! ~ Maya Angelou…You’ll Rise!…We’ll Rise!




~jummyjeenz Newsletter~

2019 January – July


The horizon is bright! This year has been a beautiful whirlwind of connectivity, music, poetry, art, storytelling, events, and performances. I’m grateful for each and every experience and for every connection that I have made this year. A great deal of learning and sharing has taken place in which I will share with you all now. I’m looking forward to 2020, continuing down many creative avenues, and collaborating with others. Change within our world is possible! After this very heavy year I am happy to say that I have been able to maintain hope. I plan to continue sharing  it with you all within the upcoming months.

~Peace, Love, & Light. jummyjeenz / Deana J. Tavares

January 17, 2019

Original Music: Redwood Standing Tall

I kicked of the year with a great deal of music woven throughout my days. This was the beginning stages of this song that has since become very near and dear to my heart. I have had the opportunity to practice it a lot along with many other new pieces that I have written. So hopefully it sounds even stronger when you hear it.

January 19, 2019

Attended: Boston Women’s March

The year started off in the name of peace with the Boston Women’s March. It was a deeply moving experience to once again be in the middle of a sea of people raising their voices and drawing attention to the injustice within our world. One can’t help but to feel supported, acknowledged, seen, and heard in a crowd like this one.


January 23, 2019

Attended: The Boston Public Library event as Danielle Legros Georges passes on the torch of  Boston Poet Laureate to Porshia Olayiwola. There was a great deal of thought provoking poetry presented on this evening. Some of which I am still processing and would like to respond to in the future. It was a beautiful night of sharing that I am thankful to have been able to attend.


January 28, 2019

School Street Sessions Poetry Advisory Committee Event:

Feature presenter Brandon Terry

Author Brandon Terry Had a wealth of information and insight to offer regarding the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his non-violent practices. It was a pleasure welcoming him to our Jan. 28th event and hearing all that he had to share.

Check out his books:

To Shape A New World 

Fifty Years Since MLK



February 21, 2019

Assisted media: The taping of Oneness And Wellness with Shirley Riga and Dot Walsh

Shirley Riga is a Licensed Trainer for Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway an Author, Spiritual Director, & Caregiver Advocate. This progam addressed many different issues that prevent individuals from moving forward in life in a fearless way. Learn more about her amazing interactive workshops and how you can sign up for yourself. Or maybe as a gift that can be shared with someone else in your life as well.


February 26, 2019

Assisted with media:

Dedham Youth Commission Black History Month Talent/Fashion Show Event 

When you can reach the youth by combining education with entertainment, the result is a fun energetic event like this one for Black History Month. The students had a blast as did those of us attending from Dedham TV there to capture the excitement. Great job Angela and Rob from the Dedham Youth Commission!


February 26, 2019

Presented: Dedham Middle School MLK Event 

After a very icy month of January the MLK event was rescheduled for February.

Image result for deana j tavares MLK event

There was still a wonderful turnout of community members.    Rahsaan Hall was the keynote speaker who presented a wealth of information for everyone to remember and to process. Deana J. Tavares spoke and presented poetry entitled  What Is A Dream?

Margaret Adams and Joe Borsellino were two of the organizers for this second annual MLK event and also introduced the speakers. It’s always a wonderful thing to see community join together in the present to honor our leaders of the past!

“We may have come in on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”  ~MLK


February 28, 2019

Performed: I Want To Go To Jail Play by: Pamela Swing and Elizabeth DaBanka 

Several of my cast mates and I from We Did It For You performed a dramatic reading as suffragists at Brandeis University as well as at the State House in Boston. This play depicts the 1919 arrest and incarceration of suffragists at the Charles Street Jail in Boston.

Deana Tavares– plays the role of Lucy Daniels

Pictured below Shirley Riga, Marsha Getter, and Madeline Champagne



IMG_9504 (1)

I Want to Go to Jail

March 2, 2019

Attended: Bette Carney’s Art Exhibition         

Winston Gallery s2-106 Kilburn Mill at Clarks Cove in New Bedford MA. She created this painting using three dimensional rats for moles. It was a powerful and surprising piece. Bette’s interesting perspective definitely captured my attention!



March 21, 2019

Attended: Book Launch Party for Susan Wilson                                                                       

This was a great event! I was glad to be able to attend this book launch for Susan one on my School Street Sessions Poetry Advisory Committee friends. She is also the house historian at the Omni Parker Hotel and has many fascinating stories to share.



March 21, 2019

Background Singing: Recording Old Soul with Andy Celley                                             

Singing background lyrics to Andy Celley’s original song tribute to Duke Ellington Old Soul. It’s always a blast to record a new track with Andy in the studio we always share lots of laughs. This was the first step, the next was the music video.



March 24, 2019                                                                                                                                        Performance: We Did It For You                                                             

My cast mates and I began performing this year at the Orpheum Theater aka Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center in Foxborough MA. We are still raising our voices proudly speaking and passionately singing to share the stories of these amazing women who have paved the way for us. Check out our website and come hear their stories for yourself. I’m very grateful to have had the support of family and friends at my show!



March 26, 2019                                                                                                                                        Performed: Music Video Shoot on Dedham TV  for Old Soul By: Andy Celley           

Andy Celley, Deana Tavares, and Ted Powers

There was a lot of great energy in the studio for this video shoot. It was such a blast working with these guys! So much fun!

May 9, 2019

Original Poem: Grateful Woman a tribute to We did It For You and the women who pave the way.



May 12, 2019

Attended: Also ended up on the poster this year 

It was really exciting to see my brothers portrait on the train one day heading home from the city. It was a reminder that he travels with me in spirit everywhere I go. This is an amazingly peaceful event where so many individuals come together to stand up against gun violence.

To learn more about the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute go to:






June 13, 2019

Attended: New Bedford Pride Event

There was so much going on and not enough time to see it all. Everyone was lighthearted and joyfully celebrating in The Whaling City. The music was not in short supply, nor were the vendors. A little rain didn’t stop the celebration. We eventually made our way  indoors and found a thoughtful DJ who new exactly what songs to play for us. Music makes the world go round. Lisa the DJ–



June 20, 2019

Attended: Art On The Trails Event Soutborough MA

I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully organized art event! The artwork displayed throughout the Southborough land trust was a magical experience for me. They ask for poetry submissions in response to the art pieces. I felt deeply rooted within this natural setting as well as deeply inspired by all of the artists.



June 25, 2019

Participated: Women’s Suffrage Centennial Kickoff Celebration Faneuil Hall Boston

This was such an inspiring and empowering event showcasing many powerful women holding public office. There were several who looked like me and are yet another reminder that women of color have a voice within this world. However I was inspired by each and every woman who made their voices heard and continue to advocate for the voices that are not being heard. My theater troupe We Did It For You was happy to be there greeting the community and advocating once again for women’s rights.



June 28, 2019

Attended: Dedham Coffeehouse Ruthann Baler & Craig Sonnenfeld

These two performers that were showcased both shared many heartfelt lyrics. A last minute decision on my part to attend and I’m so glad that I did. I’m fortunate for the friends that reached out to inform me of this performance.


On another note Craig sang a beautiful song dedicated to his dear friend Marc Gold who is an inspiration to him. Marc created an organization called  Marc locates the neediest individuals around the world and through donations helps to make their lives a little better. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Change is possible. We’ll get there one good deed at a time!

July 6, 2019

Attended: New Bedford Folk Festival

This was such an amazing musical event in my hometown. I felt very connected to the deeply moving, socially conscious, and hopeful lyrics that I heard over the weekend. It inspired me to want to share my songs someday at this venue. There was a strong sense of community and connection.


July 8, 2019

Attended: Arts On The Edge Community Cruise

This was such a gorgeous day and there was a beautiful sea of faces on this boat cruise. There was music, poetry, art, dinner, and so many great connections. A big thanks to the organizers for providing a free event for the whole community to enjoy. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, danced within a salty breeze, and swirled around within the flow of positive energy. Who knew on Sunday we would be on a boat on a Monday doing the Macarena with an all female Mariachi Band. Great fun! Great connections established!


July 28, 2019

Feature Performance: Common Street Spiritual Center

Pastor Ian was so kind and welcoming. We began the service with one of my favorite songs these days The Power Of Kindness by MaMuse. I spoke afterwards weaving storytelling in with speaking, poetry, then followed by a few original songs on the guitar. My presentation was well received and I had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful individuals afterward who shared stories and thoughts with me as well. It was a deeply connected morning that I am grateful to have experienced. There are many beautiful services, events, drum circles, and all are welcome. Check them out sometime!


I absolutely had to share this beautiful message. Try not to sing this all day.


Latest face painting projects. The second is the first time that I have used a face other than my own as a canvas. I hope to paint others more often this year. Stay tuned!


Upcoming Events:

August 4th-We Did It For You performance 1:00 Foxborough Orpheum Theater aka Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center

August 28-29-Movie Shoot for Being Robin with Roger Kabler with original poetry


September 28th-Art Show Opening at Groundwork Gallery in New Bedford MA





~jummyjeenz Newsletter~

2018 July-December

The five words that sum up this past year for me are:

Grateful, Inspired, Honored, Connected, and Loved!

This year we have all had our share of ups and downs within the world and our personal lives as well. However it’s always important to keep moving forward and keep the hope alive. Everyday we are presented with another 24 hours to learn, grow, and transform.   When difficult circumstances attempt to put out our light, we must shine it even brighter, so we can find our way and maybe help others find theirs as well. Whatever role you played in my life this year my gratitude runs deep, it was very much appreciated. Whether I performed with you, attended the Joiner workshop, enjoyed the same event, released butterflies, attended a potluck, or just simply shared a heart to heart conversation, all of of these actions were equally as important. Anything that connects us to one another as human beings in a meaningful way is creating community, and bringing us one step closer to more peace within our world. Thank you all for the time you have shared! I look forward to sharing, connecting more, and creating many positive changes in the new year!

~Peace, love, light, jummyjeenz (Deana J. Tavares)


7/22/18 – Invited to join School Street Sessions Poetry Advisory Committee

Feeling extremely grateful, humbled, and honored to join this committee of seasoned poets. I’m looking forward to this journey of sharing and learning. All of our readings are held at the Omni Parker Hotel in Boston MA between the months of September and April.

New Literary Group Turns History Of Bostons Legendary ‘Saturday Night Club’ On Its Head

(March 24, 2017 WBRU broadcast)

The School Street Sessions Advisory Committee: William F. Bagley (Director of Gift Planning, St. Mark’s School); Joseph Bergin (Carpenter Poet); Mary Bonina (Author, Boston Writers Room Board); Charles Coe (Poet, Musician); Danielle Legros Georges (Boston Poet Laureate, Professor at Lesley University); Holly Guran (Poet); Tom Johnston (Director of Programs, Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture), Deborah Melone (Poet, Editor); Elizabeth Quinlan (Poet, Visual Artist), Sandra Storey (Journalist, Poet);        Deana Tavares (Poet, Visual Artist); Susan Wilson (House Historian, Omni Parker House).


7/29/18  Attended Peace Abbey Memorial Re-Dedication

This heartfelt gathering left me feeling extremely hopeful to know that there are still many peace workers within our world with unwavering hope. It was truly inspiring to see individuals of various cultural backgrounds in attendance to support efforts of peace. Grateful to have participated and been immersed within all of the positive energy that surrounded.







8/1/18  Became a contributor for the website Dare To Bless The Love

As one of their Scholarctivists I am thankful for yet another platform to share my voice to spread positivity and hopefulness while addressing the issues of equality, acceptance, and oneness. I’m also enlivened to join this community of individuals who share in these concepts and are collectively working to, inspire, uplift, and spread healing energy into the world.

Our team: Rev. Amelia Monteiro, Shams E. Monteiro

Scholarctivists: Benel Dreksler,  Matta Miriam Ghaly, E.N. Hill, & Deana Tavares


8/24/2018  Raised Monarch Butterflies from eggs then released

These butterfly eggs in particular were found at the Peace Abbey in Sherborne MA Dot Walsh and Madeline Champagne assisted me in identifying and collecting the eggs. Madeline also gave me thorough guidelines to follow as this was my first time raising butterflies. I had one of the most amazing experiences when I finally became a butterfly mama. While caring for these little beauties I was given an up close look and a deeper appreciation for the life cycle of butterflies. Not only was I entertained and intrigued by this process, but everyone who I came in contact with was also mesmerized. It’s not often that you get an opportunity to see miracles happen right before your very eyes. I have gratitude beyond gratitude for these moments and all the others listed on this page. I plan to raise more in the near future. The most important thing that I learned is that there is a shortage of milkweed, so plant some if you can to help our little friends survive and fly off to Mexico.  Afterall they too are pollinators!





And yes I received a Monarch Guardian certificate from an expert on butterflies Madeline Champagne.






Here is a brochure she wrote about gardening for butterflies:


8/26/18  Performed in We Did It For You at Boston Faneuil Hall for Women’s Equality Day

This was a moment that I will not soon forget as I performed as Fannnie Lou Hamer and shared her testimony in the very location many years ago where slaves were being sold. I believe this was a powerful moment for myself and for as my cast mates as well. Although this was a big show for us, there will be many more performances in the future. The stories of these extraordinary women can not be forgotten!


Faneuil Hall Boston Performance Aug.26th Women’s Equality Day Photo credit: Andy Celley

Lots of smiles from family, friends, and cast mates





Check out the website for future performances:  (After winter break most performances will be held at the Orpheum Theater in Foxboro MA. set to begin again in March) 


8/27/2018 Article Peace Within The Creases Published on Engaging Peace Website




9/23/18  We Did It For You-Performed at Boston Center For The Arts Plaza

Another performance in the city of Boston to a very engaged crowd. We felt very connected to the audience as they were very connected to the women’s stories who we were portraying. I was proud to stand on the stage once again and see the dedication and passion from my cast mates. They are an amazingly talented group of women!









Thankful to all of these amazing folks who came out to support We Did It For You and women’s rights!


9/27/18  Voice-Over work with Andy Celley

This year I have had the pleasure of working once again with Andy Celley on various musical voice-over projects. I look forward to doing more of these singing  projects in the very near future. Check out his latest tune for Christmas.






9/29/18  School Street Sessions Event
Kevin Bowen presenter
The Radical Education: Ho CHi Minh’s 1912 Boston Sojourn

Kevin’s presentation was very informative and offered a glimpse into history. Who knew that Ho Chi Minh worked at the Omni Parker hotel? There’s a great power in sharing stories from the past and present that connects us all as humans.





10/3/2018 Attended Donna Dodson’s Match Of The Matriarchs

Donna Dodson’s Match Of The Matriarchs, Eric Sealine, and Battle Of The Beasts
w/ Jennifer Shashade, Kledia Spiro, & Daniel Meirom. Beautiful work! It was a unique event and a full house. Amazing sculpture work from Donna Dodson, weightlifting performance piece by Kledia Spiro, and insane skills displayed by chess grandmaster Jennifer Shashade. So happy that I made it out to this event showcasing powerful and talented women!





10/20/18   Feature performance on Wake-Up And Smell The Poetry
                  w/Host Cheryl Perreault and musical feature Louis Apollon

I’m grateful to Cheryl Perreault and HCAM studios for inviting me to be a feature and also for how receptive the audience was to the PowerPoint presentation weaved together with storytelling and poetry. They were also very connected to the musical stylings and kind spirit of Louis Apollon. It was a great pleasure sharing the stage with Louis! Also this venue provides a very welcoming space for all to share their work. An open mic always follows two feature performers.

Louis Apollon and host Cheryl Perreault:






Open mic performers:





10/27/18   School Street Sessions Event – Meredith Bergmann

Meredith Bergmann is a poet and sculptor. She is the creator of the amazingly detailed Boston Women’s Memorial. It was thankful to be at this event and hear about her journey as a sculptor, poet, and mother. You can find more of her stunning work inclusive of sculptures, public art commissions, and poetry at:





10/28/18 Boston Women’s Memorial Celebration

This was a wonderful celebration to honor the powerful women who came before us. Sculptor Meredith Bergmann designed these statues to commemorate first lady Abigail Adams an early advocate for women’s rights, Phillis Wheatley the first published African-American female poet, and Lucy Stone abolitionist and suffragist. All of these women once lived in the Boston area for some time. I felt very empowered and connected to the energy of these women when viewing and appreciating Meredith’s works of art.


Photo credit for group photos:





Boston City Council’s Annissa Essaibi George, & Andrea Campbell, Deana Tavares of We Did It For You and Fredie Kay of the Women’s Suffrage Coalition 

10/31/2018  Lesley University Poetry and Storytelling Presentation

I had the wonderful opportunity to share my stories and poetry with Alan O’Hare’s storytelling and healing class along with Dot Walsh. I believe that we all learned a great deal from one another on this day. The young women were very receptive to the work that was shared with them and we had many discussions as a result. They also shared a bit about themselves as well. There was a great flow of energy being shared within that space. I really enjoyed the company and the insight of these young women!

11/3 /2018  Yes on 3 Campaign

Why? Because civil rights are for us all! When there is a threat to take away one groups civil rights, that is a threat to us all. My fellow Dedham residents/activists, impressed me with their dedication to this campaign led by David Atkins. I’m glad to know them and fortunate to have been able to share my voice as well.  Still puzzled that we even had this question on the ballot.                                                                                                                                          #Yeson3 #Youmatter #wematter #humanitymatters



Alison Brill, Alison Staton, & Dave Atkins to name a few

11/8/2018 Oneness And Wellness – Music Meditation with David Sholemson and host Dot Walsh

David Sholemson is a meditation instructor at 3 Body Healing Arts. Myself and Dot Walsh had the opportunity to learn and assist him in demonstrating his music meditation techniques. I highly recommend trying this form of meditation if silent and still meditation don’t work for you. It’s invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. We live within a heavy world and there are many mindful practices that can assist us in caring for our mind, body, and soul. Perhaps give it a try!


Music meditation show:

More info can be found at:

11/17/2018  School Street Sessions Event – Tino Villanueva

Tino Villanueva’s poetry was well-received and I also had the pleasure of connecting with him on a personal level afterwards which was a treat. He is the author of seven books of poetry and shared from several of them on this evening.

Image may contain: 1 person

12/8/2018 Attended Genki Spark – Community Let’s Build It Event

“The Genki Spark is a multi-generational, pan-Asian women’s arts and advocacy organization that uses Japanese taiko drumming, personal stories, and creativity to build community, develop leadership, and advocate respect for all.”

This was an event that establishes a high level of connectivity. The attendees arrived as strangers and left as friends. It was led by Karen Young Boston artists in residence. I was thankful to be informed about this event and be able to take part. I left with a very hopeful feeling. I highly recommend attending one of their events in the near future.

For more info: 





12/19/2018  Pieced Together – story published by engaging peace (path into peace and social justice)



12/15/1018  Attended Wake Up And Smell The Poetry

Feature performers Denise Moyo and Chris Lee with host Cheryl Perreault

Denise Moyo’s performance was moving as she deeply connected to the concept of processing trauma through her writing. She delivered some powerful poetic words. Chris Lee’s tranquil melodic love songs followed. Its always  a pleasure to be a part of this audience and hear the talented performers share their perspectives.       









A few face painting and digital art projects over the past few months. Maybe some new faces will appear in 2019. Stay tuned!






Cheers to more of all of the above in the New Year!

It is in the sharing of our stories that we can find common ground, compassion, understanding, acceptance, love, and community. All these roads will lead us to a more peaceful world!


~jummyjeenz Newsletter


The year of 2017 proved to be an eventful one! I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with many inspiring artist, poets, musicians, community influencers, and visionaries. I’m extremely thankful for the kind compassionate individuals that have entered my life over the past two years, many of which I know will be lasting relationships and ongoing sources of inspiration. I left 2017 with a feeling of fullness.

Now in 2018 I am feeling full of light, love, and more inspiration then ever before, thanks to all who have crossed my path. This pertains to the humans and the tiny creatures within the natural world as well. We are all interconnected and the more people become aware of this concept, the more we can accomplish together. Many new ideas have been churning over the past few years, that I hope will lead to some inspired collaborations in 2018. I hope that you will all join me on this journey to share our perspectives, inject beauty, and create change within our world!

Sending peace, love, and light to you all! Thank you for your ongoing support!

Grateful, jummyjeenz D.T.


Hosted by: Fred Marchant

I was happy to attend this dynamic writer’s workshop hosted by poet and author Fred Marchant for the Warrior Writers group. There were many talented writers at this intimate event, but great things sometimes come in small packages. Thankful for all of the shared stories and inspiring words from all who attended! They are all part of my story now.

Poets: Fred Marchant, Deborah Kalin, Caleb Nelson, Rachel McNeill, Evan Gildersleeve, and Brian Earley.


I was extremely honored to have my poetry and artwork featured along with the storytelling of Alan O’Hare and music by Andy Celley. There was an air of connectedness within this setting, flowing through the performers as well as the audience members. Open mic then revealed a wealth of talent from around the Dedham area as well. A great deal of original work was shared by many of the performers. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to perform and accept the gifts of creativity that were shared at this event.







Open mic performers: Joe Rich, Clarissa Robyn, Dan O’Neil, Nick Vecchio, Nancy Weller, Bob David, Jerry__________ and Tony Cibotti


Featured performers Jan Krause Greene, Cheryl Melody Baskin, Sarah Fuhro







There was a great deal of compassion and inspiration emanating from this room. There was also a deep feeling of connectivity as each performer shared their work and each topic seemed to organically lead to the next. I was thrilled to be a part of this show and share my work as well.

Deana Tavares poetry reading: Lichen, I Am

Andy Celley: Storytelling & Tony Cibotti: Singing holiday favorites


First and Last Word Poetry Series-Hosted by Harris Gardner
Featured Readers: Mary Bodwell Buchinger, Philip Burnham, Ruth Smullin, & Ruth Chad

I ventured out on a very cold winter evening to this wonderful intimate event, and I’m so glad that I did. I connected especially to Mary Buchinger’s nature themed works and Ruth Chad’s emotionally charged pieces. The other poets shared some great words as well. A very worthwhile night of inspiring poetry!

Open mic: Deana Tavares reading entitled ~I Am


Gentle Giant-acrylic on canvas

This beautiful creature was near and dear to my heart! So therefore I put a great deal of heart into this piece. Thankfully it resonated with the clients, and they connected with the imagery that I had chosen to represent their dear pet.

Gentle Giant 24×48


Gentle Giant 24×48







Presentation by Deana Tavares included these poems-Skin, Beautifully Complex, & Precious Ones

Keynote speaker: Charles Walker Jr. (introduced by Joseph Borsellino)

Over 400 people were in attendance for this amazing MLK event in Dedham MA. There was a real sense of community within the auditorium that was palpable. I left this event feeling hopeful. I believe that more events like this one can help to create a sense of community, spread more compassion, and understanding throughout our neighborhoods and towns.

Some of the organizers of this event include: Alison T. Brill, Jessica Porter, Rali Weaver, Margaret Adams Whitfield











Photo Credit: Christine Ryan






Photos by: Deana Tavares


I had the pleasure of meeting individuals for the first time, celebrating peace, and embracing a quiet moment with these new friends. The simple act of connecting through touching water and making eye contact was a truly heartwarming experience. I was honored to take part in this ceremony, deeply moved, and inspired by the compassionate energy within this space. A poem emerged as a result.



Hosted by: Cheryl Perrault

Features: Reggie Gibson and Beth DeSombre.

It truly was a treat to wake up and smell the poetry on a February morning! Reggie has a way of drawing in the listener and taking you along on his smooth yet energetic journey. Beth DeSombre’s thoughtful lyrics truly shined the light on our current times, connecting with all who attended. This was an energetic thought-provoking show!


In one word powerful! The energy was amazing within this sea of compassion and support. I was extremely grateful to be swimming within these waves with a few dear friends. We all need to feel safe within our communities & children definitely need to feel safe within their schools! Boston showed up in record numbers to say Not One More!







This workshop is a wonderful place for writers of all genres. Although writing is typically a solitary career path, there is a deep connection and sense of community here. Please consider supporting organizations such as this one that encourages more peace within our world.



On another note…Yes, I too got involved in local politics this year. There were many dynamic women running for office within my community and I could not ignore the call to further uplift and support them with some of their campaign endeavors. When women have a voice within our communities and our world as a whole the future will be brighter for us all!

Pictured below:

Clarissa Robyn for Parks And Recreation

Jessica Porter for Planning Board



Featured performers:

Brendyn Schneider, Jan Krause Greene, & Wes Hazard

This was a exciting event with three very dynamic performers. I was very grateful to have experienced the stories that they had to share. Storytelling is a powerful way to connect immediately to another individual as a result of a common understanding or shared experience. It can be a deeply moving experience, as it was for me. I was humbled and honored by the attendees that reached out to me and shared their stories on a personal level after I shared mine with them. The energy was palpable!

Open mic: Deana Tavares storytelling – Say His Name


A few hours were spent here appreciating all of the amazing people who came before me and were in the pursuit of peace. Please consider visiting this amazing place and beautiful tribute to many peace seeking individuals/activists. Let’s all carry the torch from here and continue what they started long ago. Peace is not just an idealistic concept, it is attainable!









This event is like Disney World for writers! Whether you write poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or memoir you will enjoy this dynamic atmosphere. Here you’ll see poets of all ages and cultural backgrounds expanding their minds and opening themselves up to new ideas and paths. I’m very grateful to be a part of this community. Also I am thankful to have been able to attend and make many new connections!




After singing and a cold read I was so thrilled to be chosen to join this amazing cast of talented women! Every rehearsal and performance reminds me that we are making an impact within the world by sharing the stories of these amazing women who have paved the way for us all. Many of their stories were left out of the history books. Each word that is uttered upon the stage connects us with the past, and through the audience to the present, and future as well. Let’s not forget every thing that we are able to do today as women many fought and died for those rights. Their stories deserve to be told! Come join us.


Consider attending a show, bring your friends, and spread the word. This musical is an important reminder about how important democracy and community is within our world.



This past Mothers Day I decided to honor my brother Michael James Almeida who was also a victim of senseless gun violenc at twenty-one years of age. Unfortunately many of us let the years pass by without speaking about how these tragic events impact all of our lives, and generations to come. It was an empowering feeling to stand in truth with hundreds of others also acknowledging their loved ones. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel, process, share, than one cannot heal. A great deal of singing, chanting, and healing took place on this day. There’s always next year if you missed out. Remember to say their names!







Host: Cheryl Perrault

Featured performers: Polly Brown and Peg Espinola

Open mic: Deana Tavares shared-Precious Ones

I felt very fortunate to have made it out to this event. Polly Brown’s tribute to her mother was stunning! She brought many in the audience to tears with her sensitive heartfelt reading. Peg was such an inspiration as she decided to explore song writing and performance after retirement. There were many extraordinary gifts of creativity shared on this day.


All Photos By: Dan Tappan

Open mic performers:












Just a side note:

I was very impressed with the wide variety of poetry books at Hopkinton Public Library!


This year I attended yet another powerful and informative workshop week. I was very eager to again take part in Danielle Legros Georges dynamic and highly engaged class. After leaving the Joiner I feel hopeful for our world that there are so many individuals that do care about the future. This feeling was represented within all of the participants. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this community and look forward to further cultivating the relationships that I have made through this program. We definitely need more programming like this that focuses on educating, processing, and healing the scars of war and social issues.








Never Too Late To Be A Poet-poetry workshop group

Overwhelmed with the extensive schedule of events I decided to wander around JP and found this wonderful group of poets. It was a serendipitous moment that I happened to find the poets first. They shared their stories, poetry, and truths about the process of aging. Then I was offered the opportunity to share some of my work with them as well. It was such a joy to meet these seniors and an honor to be accepted on their porch to share my voice as well. I truly hope our paths cross again!







This piece was written to help promote peace and organizations that promote peace such as The William Joiner Institute For War And Social Consequences. I truly believe in this organization, and I hope many others will connect to it as well through this essay. We all have something within our cup that we can share to help make a difference within our world! Whatever is in your cup is never to little. A great big thank you to the people at Engaging Peace who heard my voice and cared enough to share my words on their website!

Edited version:

Original version:





~jummyjeenz Newsletter


                                          Timeline of events, press, & creative pursuits

The year is not yet complete, but for documentation purposes there is a lot to share with you all. Beginning with the most recent developments. I’m extremely thankful for this year and the various exciting directions that my work is heading in as we near 2018. Thank you all for your encouragement and support! I hope to share some amazing new projects with you all in the year to come, maybe even bump into some of you at upcoming events.                            ~Peace, Deana ~jummyjeenz

Other work in progress:

Music, video, documentary involvement, etc.


Exploring some music ideas with Andy Celley

Upcoming event: 11/4/2017

Connecting the Dots with Dot Walsh. Excited and honored to share my work beside

two talented individuals -Alan O’HAre and Andy Celley


This year’s poetry readings:

It’s always uplifting to read and share your own poetry, but also to hear the varied perspectives of many other very talented writers.

Dedham Poet Society -with poet laureate of Dedham MA ChristopherRielley
Robin Stratton-

Featured author: Vi Ki Nao

William Joiner Institute: participant reading

Hyde Park Library Reading:

hosted by Aal Pals-Thomas C Seggers Jr

Featured artist: Dexter Roberts

Jamaica Plain’s First Thursdays Art Walk: 9/7/2017

Solo Art exhibition hosted by Coldwell Banker and Josephine Tsui







There was a vibrant crowd of happy faces that graced us with their presence.

Thanks to host: Josephine Tsui

Beautiful jazz music by: Joe Sardano Ensemble

Poetry Is The Essence Of Life:

Warmly welcomed by Dot Walsh from Dedham TV for a poetry interview.

Extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to share my poetry with many!







Dedham MA Peace Vigil: 8/20/2017

Poetry reading Enough Said, I Am, and Finding Hope. In response to Charlottesville violence Dedham stood together with a message of peace on the grounds of the The First Church of Dedham-Unitarian Universalist. Music and stories were also shared by many. Video coverage of the event By: Dedham TV’s Dot Walsh







Thanks for a beautiful and peaceful event!

Just a few of the organizers and participants:

Alison Brill-
Rali Weaver-
Clarissa Robyn-

William Joiner Institute UMass Boston: 6/26 – 6/30/2017

I was filled with gratitude when accepted into the Writer’s Workshop Festival program this year. I learned a great deal and was inspired by so many dynamic teachers, poets, and writers.









Danielle Legros Georges and Dahlma Llanos Figueroa

with writers and presenters. Just a few of the talented individuals pictured above.

Reema Baniabbasi, Ashley Rose, Shannon Kafka, JW Meagher, Eric Wasileski, Caleb Nelson, Rachel McNeill

       Lovella Calica with warrior
            Anthony Torres and Hipolito Arriaga III of

Mayor’s Poetry Program Boston MA: 4/27/2017

Woven Threads selected by the poet laureate of Boston Danielle Legros Georges as one of 30. All poems will remain on display at Boston City Hall until April of 2018. My work Woven Threads can be seen on the 9th floor.







I was honored to be in the company of many talented and accomplished poets:

To name a few:

Kevin Bowen-Urban Renewal (City Hall 7th floor)
Linda Carney-Goodrich-Vodka, beer, and Cigarettes (2nd floor)
Henrietta Hodge-Rocksberry (9th floor)

6 Bridges Gallery: 10/15/2016

77 Main St Maynard MA 01754

Seagull Cinderella Pop-Up Art Show-curated by: Gail Erwin

Paying homage to Sculptor Donna Dodson’s Seagull Cinderella sculpture

All proceeds were to benefit Virginia Thurston Healing Garden
Interviewed for Wicked Local News:

With Denise Shea Marsha Odabashian and others.

In response to sculpture by Donna Dodson.







Just a few of the unique artists in Mayard MA:

Andy Moerlin-
Priscilla Alpaugh Cotter-
Brent Mathison-

Gallery X: 8/13/16

169William St.New Bedford MA 02740

Seagull Cinderella Pop-Up Art Show

Paying homage to Sculptor Donna Dodson’s Seagull Cinderella sculpture

Curated By: Jessica Bregoli







                                             By: Donna Dodson                                 By: jummyjeenz ~Deana Tavares

Links to Seagull Cinderella info and sculptor:

Other interesting artists from New Bedford and Boston:

Jessica Bregoli-
Marsha Obadashian-
Eric Johnson

Published Article: 8/3/2016

In response to the controversial Seagull Cinderella sculpture by Donna Dodson

Published Articles: 4/2016

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