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2017 Proved to be an eventful year in which I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with many inspiring artist, poets, musicians, community influencers, and visionaries. I’m extremely thankful for the kind compassionate individuals that have entered my life over the past two years, many of which I know will be lasting relationships and ongoing sources of inspiration. I left 2017 with a feeling of fullness. Now in 2018 I am feeling full of light, love, and more inspiration then ever, thanks to all who have crossed my path. That goes for the humans and the tiny creatures within the natural world as well, as we are all interconnected. Many ideas have been churning over this past year, that I hope they will lead to some inspired collaborations in 2018.

Sending peace, love, and light to you all! Thank you for your ongoing support!                     Grateful, jummyjeenz D.T.

Oct. 25th Warrior Writers Workshop

I was happy to attend a dynamic writer’s workshop hosted by poet and author Fred Marchant for the Warrior Writers group. There were many talented writers at this intimate event, but great things sometimes come in small packages. Thankful for all of the stories and inspiring words from all who attended! They are all part of my story now.


Fred Marchant, Deborah Kalin, Caleb Nelson, Rachel McNeill, Evan Gildersleeve, and Brian Earley.

Nov. 4th Connecting The Dots With Dot Walsh –

I was thrilled and honored to have my poetry and artwork  featured along with the storytelling of Alan O’Hare and music by Andy Celley. There was an air of connectedness within this setting, flowing through the performers as well as the audience members. Open mic then revealed a wealth of talent from around the Dedham area as well. A great deal of original work was shared by many of the performers. Glad to have performed and accept the gifts that were shared at this event. ~Namaste




Open mic performers: Joe Rich, Clarissa Robyn, Dan O’Neil, Nick Vecchio, Nancy Weller, Bob David, Jerry__________ and Tony Cibotti

December 2nd 2017-Connecting The Dots with Dot Walsh

Featured performers  Jan Krause Greene, Cheryl Melody Baskin, Sarah Fuhro



Deana Tavares poetry reading: Lichen, I Am

Andy Celley: Storytelling & Tony Cibotti: Singing holiday favorites

December 12th 2017-Arts at the Armory Somerville MA

First and Last Word Poetry Series                                                                                          Hosted by Harris Gardner
Featured Readers:

Mary Bodwell Buchinger, Philip Burnham, Ruth Smullin, & Ruth Chad

So glad that I ventured out to this event it was a wonderful intimate event. I connected especially to Mary Buchinger’s nature themed works and Ruth Chad’s emotionally charged pieces. The other poets shared some great works as well. A very worthwhile night of inspiring poets!

Open mic:

Deana Tavares reading entitled ~I Am

January 25th 2018-Commissioned artwork completed

Gentle Giant-acrylic on canvas

I was very connected to this piece as I had come to know this gentle giant Kenzo very well. Rest peacefully my friend within a golden field of poppies!



January 15th 2018-Dedham MA Community event honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Presentation included these poems:                                                                                          Skin, Beautifully Complex, & Precious Ones

Keynote speaker: Charles Walker Jr. (introduced by Joseph Borsellino)

Over 400 people were in attendance for this amazing first ever MLK event in Dedham MA. There was a real sense of community within the auditorium that was palpable. I’m extremely grateful that I was offered the opportunity to present and absorb all that the other participants had to offer as well.

Some of the organizers of this event include: Alison T. Brill, Jessica Porter, Rali Weaver, Margaret Adams Whitfield, Joe Borsellino, Meg Duncan, & Virginia Hickey






Photo Credit: Christine Ryan


Photos by: Deana Tavares

1/18 Peace Abbey Life Experiences School Blessing bowl ceremony:

Celebrating peace, meeting for the first time, and embracing a quiet moment with new friends. Creating community and connection. I was honored to take part in this ceremony and deeply moved by the experience. When I left I was filled to the brim with positive energy.

 3/12/18 Wake Up And Smell The Poetry Hopkinton MA

Host Cheryl Perrault:                                                                                                             Featured performers-

Reggie Gibson and Beth DeSombre.

It truly was a treat to wake up and smell the poetry on a February morning! Reggie has a way of drawing you in and taking you along on his smooth yet energetic journey. Beth DeSombre’s thoughtful lyrics truly shined the light on our current times, connecting with all of us in the audience.

3/24/18 March For Our Lives:

In one word powerful! The energy was amazing within this sea of compassion and support. I was extremely grateful to be swimming within these waves of change with a few dear friends. We all need to feel safe within our communities. Children need to feel safe within their schools!


4/17/18 Accepted into William Joiner Institute’s 31st Annual Writers Workshop

This workshop is a wonderful place for writers of all genres. Although writing is typically a solitary career path, there is connection and community here. We can learn a great deal from sharing our perspectives with one another. This is how growth and change happen within our world. This Institute is always in need of funding so help out if you can. Our world would benefit greatly from more programs such as the ones that the Joiner has to offer.


4/27/18 Storytelling event with host Cheryl Perrault                                                                            Bittersweet Cafe Hopkinton MA

Featured performers:

Brendyn Schneider, Jan Krause Greene, & Wes Hazard                                                                                                                                

This was a exciting event with three very dynamic performers. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to experienced the stories that they all had to share. Storytelling is a powerful way to connect immediately to another individual as a result of a common understanding or shared experience. It can be a deeply moving experience, as it was for me. Humbled and honored by the attendees that reached out to me and shared their stories on a personal level after I shared mine. The energy was palpable!

Open mic: Deana Tavares storytelling – Say His Name

5/10/18   Joined the cast of We Did It For You

So glad to join Thea Iberall’s cast of talented women. This play is a must see for everyone to gain a better understanding regarding the struggles of the women who have come before us. These women paved the way for the rights that we are so fortunate to have today. Grateful for the opportunity and the voice to help spread this message!

Thea Iberall playwright-



~jummyjeenz Newsletter


                                          Timeline of events, press, & creative pursuits

The year is not yet complete, but for documentation purposes there is a lot to share with you all. Beginning with the most recent developments. I’m extremely thankful for this year and the various exciting directions that my work is heading in as we near 2018. Thank you all for your encouragement and support! I hope to share some amazing new projects with you all in the year to come, maybe even bump into some of you at upcoming events.                            ~Peace, Deana ~jummyjeenz

Other work in progress:

Music, video, documentary involvement, etc.


Exploring some music ideas with Andy Celley

Upcoming event: 11/4/2017

Connecting the Dots with Dot Walsh. Excited and honored to share my work beside

two talented individuals -Alan O’HAre and Andy Celley


This year’s poetry readings:

It’s always uplifting to read and share your own poetry, but also to hear the varied perspectives of many other very talented writers.

Dedham Poet Society -with poet laureate of Dedham MA ChristopherRielley
Robin Stratton-

Featured author: Vi Ki Nao

William Joiner Institute: participant reading

Hyde Park Library Reading:

hosted by Aal Pals-Thomas C Seggers Jr

Featured artist: Dexter Roberts

Jamaica Plain’s First Thursdays Art Walk: 9/7/2017

Solo Art exhibition hosted by Coldwell Banker and Josephine Tsui




There was a vibrant crowd of happy faces that graced us with their presence.

Thanks to host: Josephine Tsui

Beautiful jazz music by: Joe Sardano Ensemble

Poetry Is The Essence Of Life:

Warmly welcomed by Dot Walsh from Dedham TV for a poetry interview.

Extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to share my poetry with many!


Dedham MA Peace Vigil: 8/20/2017

Poetry reading Enough Said, I Am, and Finding Hope. In response to Charlotesville violence Dedham stood together with a message of peace on the grounds of the The First Church of Dedham-Unitarian Universalist. Music and stories were also shared by many. Video coverage of the event By: Dedham TV’s Dot Walsh


Thanks for a beautiful and peaceful event!

Just a few of the organizers and participants:

Alison Brill-
Rali Weaver-
Clarissa Robyn-

William Joiner Institute UMass Boston: 6/26 – 6/30/2017

I was filled with gratitude when accepted into the Writer’s Workshop Festival program this year. I learned a great deal and was inspired by so many dynamic teachers, poets, and writers.




Danielle Legros Georges and Dahlma Llanos Figueroa

with writers and presenters. Just a few of the talented individuals pictured above.

Reema Baniabbasi, Ashley Rose, Shannon Kafka, JW Meagher, Eric Wasileski, Caleb Nelson, Rachel McNeill

       Lovella Calica with warrior
            Anthony Torres and Hipolito Arriaga III of

Mayor’s Poetry Program Boston MA: 4/27/2017

Woven Threads selected by the poet laureate of Boston Danielle Legros Georges as one of 30. All poems will remain on display at Boston City Hall until April of 2018. My work Woven Threads can be seen on the 9th floor.


I was honored to be in the company of many talented and accomplished poets:

To name a few:

Kevin Bowen-Urban Renewal (City Hall 7th floor)
Linda Carney-Goodrich-Vodka, beer, and Cigarettes (2nd floor)
Henrietta Hodge-Rocksberry (9th floor)

6 Bridges Gallery: 10/15/2016

77 Main St Maynard MA 01754

Seagull Cinderella Pop-Up Art Show-curated by: Gail Erwin

Paying homage to Sculptor Donna Dodson’s Seagull Cinderella sculpture

All proceeds were to benefit Virginia Thurston Healing Garden
Interviewed for Wicked Local News:

With Denise Shea Marsha Odabashian and others.

In response to sculpture by Donna Dodson.


Just a few of the unique artists in Mayard MA:

Andy Moerlin-
Priscilla Alpaugh Cotter-
Brent Mathison-

Gallery X: 8/13/16

169William St.New Bedford MA 02740

Seagull Cinderella Pop-Up Art Show

Paying homage to Sculptor Donna Dodson’s Seagull Cinderella sculpture

Curated By: Jessica Bregoli


                                             By: Donna Dodson                                 By: jummyjeenz ~Deana Tavares

Links to Seagull Cinderella info and sculptor:

Other interesting artists from New Bedford and Boston:

Jessica Bregoli-
Marsha Obadashian-
Eric Johnson

Published Article: 8/3/2016

In response to the controversial Seagull Cinderella sculpture by Donna Dodson

Published Articles: 4/2016

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