Commissions & Installations

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Another Earth jacket commission –

Guidelines were simple. This was created as a gift for the buyers daughter. I was told that she loves mountains, rivers, and is into sustainability. Then I was given the creative freedom to run with it.

Process video: ©Earth Anthems By: jummyjeenz

My own personal jacket painting on this great thrift store find in between commissions.

Cajon drum painting commission

There were no guidelines on this project I was only asked to put my signature on it. It’s refreshing when individuals trust the creative flow of an artist and allow creations to happen organically.

We Love you, Earth! Commissioned faux leather jacket painting

I was asked simply to add the phrase We Love You, Earth and to make people fall in love with nature.

Nina Simone process video

This piece was created for an office at a university. The buyer wanted to inspire her students with this iconic artists and one of her quotes.

Nina Simone portrait 20 x 24 acrylic, collage, watercolor pencil on wood

Nature scene commissioned wedding present 11 x 14 acrylic on canvas board

This wedding gift was commissioned and my prompts were…One of the individuals likes ferns and nature and the other is a rock climber. I then allowed intuition flow through the canvas.

Process video

Roslindale commissioned temporary art installation

The mission was simple. I was commissioned for no more than two days of work and gifted the help of two assistants. A few simple words set the scene for the vision.

Lead artist: Deana Tavares Assistants: Karen Young & Micah Rosegrant

Bathroom vanity commission made from pallets

The buyers wanted a vanity made from pallets and the creative vision unfolded while working with these materials.

Kenzo portrait commission

This was a tribute to a dear friend and I had free reign as to the setting.

Gentle Giant 24 x 48 acrylic on canvas