If Trees were Televisions

If Trees Were Televisions

If trees were televisions there would be one in every room of every home. Many would not want to live without them. Could we? Children would stare intrigued and mesmerized for hours. They would be able to identify every leaf, limb, and creature while increasing their oxygen intake and developing their very own thoughts. They could quite possibly decrease anxiety and depression. Trees would be put in every doctors office, hospital room, sports bar and restaurant. Many would even take one of their small portable trees on the family camping trips. Billboards would announce every new one emerging from the ground each year, and a tree guide would give us the times the next ones will be available for our viewing pleasure. We would track our lives in Sycamores not sitcoms. Maples, oaks, and pines would be the topics of conversations by the water cooler. For Christmas significant others would buy their partners a larger tree to fill up the living room wall, and of course it still wouldn’t be big enough. Although there is always next year. I’m not sure that anyone would stay up late watching the trees, or be too nervous or too stimulated to sleep either. Tree hugger would not be a term that people use jokingly any longer, but a status symbol. Everyone striving and aspiring to be card carrying members of the tree huggers coalition, paying a few dollars monthly to plant more trees. There would also be the possibility of upgrading to a larger package for a few dollars more which would plant a variety of trees monthly and food items of your choice as well.

So we buy TVs, pay premiums to watch celebrities who travel the world, get paid millions, and gain a greater respect for the natural world. Then some use a portion of their earnings to fund campaigns to save the earth, plant trees, and clean up areas in other countries overflowing with discarded TVs. Am I missing something here?

I believe that trees are the fabric of our world holding everything snugly together. Their roots systems are extensive underground grabbing, cradling, and weaving soil and rock into a dense thick blanket. If they were not firmly holding everything in place maybe the earth would just break up into a million tiny pieces and be hurled into a dark abyss. Like blood vessels extending and reaching above and below giving life at both ends. We are forever in search of life on other planets, but constantly overlooking and destroying that which we have right in front of us. If we do find signs of living beings elsewhere, than what? What shall we do with them? Collectively we can all work harder to preserve what we already have and put the power and energy back into the earth. Let’s regenerate, recharge, and replenish instead of depleting. Trees have been reliable, never changing, and sustaining life for millions of years. Something solid that we can count on. Can they count on us?

Buildings, TVs, and oil help to make life more comfortable.

Let’s not forget that bees water and…

Trees make life possible!
~ jummyjeenz

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