Forever Rooted Within Our Hearts

Dear friend,
You will be forever missed!
You were so much more than they said you were.
Not merely just a garden, but an arboretum through the eyes of so many.
When emotions are intensified by unimaginable hardships, grief, and illness everything is amplified one-thousand times.
When you have been pushed so far to the edge and don’t know if there is a road back in which to return, life takes on a much deeper meaning.
Enveloped, immersed within this world of heightened sensitivity, is where value and worth were truly realized by so many.

A redwood tree became a forest in which to lose yourself within.
A small statue became a monument that you never got tired of visiting.

Roots and branches reached out like arms on a gentle giant holding on tightly to you so you wouldn’t slip away, and you trusted them completely.
This tree became a symbol of strength that many would continuously draw from when weak.
It became a beacon of hope reaching out to the sky and sharing it’s calm breezes to fill and heal weakened lungs.

Everything that surrounded it became a paradise to explore and hide away, forgetting that pain ever existed, at least for a moment.
Bunnies and birds suddenly became a menagerie growing larger everyday.

Nurses kind caring angels with an intuition like no other.
Doctors magical insightful sorcerers.
A garden became that wish come true.

The one that you would wish for if you had just one wish.
An impenetrable fortress where nothing can harm you.
A plaque with a promise became ancient scripture that many believed in wholeheartedly.
Farewell dear friend for we are all grieving over you, a promise, and the beauty and healing that so many will not be allowed to experience. Or will they?
Where there is soil, light, water, and hope ….seeds can still grow.

Positive energy, peace, and light ~jummyjeenz

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