Positivity Within A Heavy World

I find myself writing positive quotes quite often these days, to help myself cope with the extremely complicated and confusing world where we are all living. These days any small glimmer of hope is not insignificant! So I decided to start posting and sharing my quotes online. I came to the realization that if I was in need of a visual representation of positivity most likely someone else may be in need as well. We all have a unique perspective that I believe needs to be shared. So I encourage you to also share your positive thoughts and energy in your own unique way with others in a time when we are drowning in negativity. Even if only through conversation positive thoughts give life to more positive thoughts, which then lead to positive actions. Lets all pitch in and spread more kindness peace love & light.  ~jummyjeenz


                In life we may lose many precious

                and powerful gifts along the way,

                     by only focusing on what we may be losing in the end


















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