Enough Said


Enough Said

When will words, be, enough

When will they ever be, enough

To choke down the years

Without regurgitating

Recycling fears

Freed upon the pages

Then trapped between the sheets, the binding

Reading, rewinding

Like a yo-yo

Caught within an endless loop

Around the world

Then back to cradle

Ladle me

Some more alphabet soup

The good phrases I chew, then digest

Eliminating all the rest

My heart, they, will test

For some never dissolve

Break down

Or compost

Those words latch on

And we are their hosts

They travel through the bloodstream

Latch onto a helix, of DNA

Weaved within pigtails

Blurring our vision, still, today

The letters U and I were never used to spell hate

New words can be revived

It’s never too late

In your soup add many K’s, only for kindness

Bring compassion to a rolling boil

Dig to the core

Regenerate our soil

The anger injected deep

Within shaded withered roots

Once exposed to sunlight

Will no longer bare tormented fruits

~jummyjeenz D.T.

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