Woven Threads


(I’m extremely honored that this poem was chosen by the Poet Laureate of Boston Danielle Legros along with twenty-nine other poets for the City Of Boston Mayor’s Poetry program April of 2017. They are all currently on display at Boston City Hall the 9th floor for Woven Threads. These poems about Boston will remain on display for one year.)

Woven Threads

By: Deana J. Tavares 2017

Have you seen the little fruit truck

It’s mangoes he sells

How about the pride flags

Wind-blown upon sills

The workers they scurry

All through the town

Suddenly emerging from underground

Dog walkers roaming

With handfuls of leashes

And the man who sells mangoes

Sometimes sells peaches

On moving day

Furniture stacked high

Upon sidewalks

Children drawing colorful pictures

With chalk

Crowds gather to see

Concerts on the lawn

How clean the streets look

Once the street sweeper has gone

Students lie upon blankets

One minute enveloped by grass

The next quickly running

To get back to a class

A vast sea of marchers

A towering call

Have you ever seen anyone



Dividing us

With walls?


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