I Am

I Am

~Deana J. Tavares

I am the ebb and flow

Of every rolling wave


Upon your shore

The roar

The rush

The gentle gush

Of tides

That have come before

I am a vibrant blend of ivory






With many other colors

Scattered about

Some still yet to be seen

I am the voice of many

Screaming aloud

So every word can and will be heard

The tears of birth

The screech of death

On the wings of every bird

I am the wind

The trees

The blowing leaves

The song that pops into your head

Then suddenly

When you change your mind

That road you take instead

I am the positive voice

Echoing and repeating

When negativity is blocking the path

The tickle

The sigh

The kiss goodbye

The thought

Before the laugh

I am ten million oak leaves


From their tender buds

Come spring

The arms that hold

And keep you safe

The hand

That fits the ring

I am the words

To every heartfelt song

Softly whispered

Into your ear

After the windshield wipers

Swish and swash

The first thing

That is clear

I am that perfect puffy cloud

High up in the sky

Allowing sunshine

Through it’s rain

The beating


Steady heart

That tells you you’re alive

And holds you close

Even when

There’s only pain


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