Collaged Life

Collaged Life

~Deana J. Tavares

Clip the stories

Clip the ages

Clip the smiles

Magazine pages

Clip the words that you like best

Clip the positive

Forget the rest

Clip the beauty

Flip past the death

Clip the life that you like best

Clip the yes and leave the no

Clip the places you want to go

Clip the girls

Or clip the boys

Clip your favorite colors and toys

Clip away images that haunt

Flip past the parts that you don’t want

Clip expressions

Clip the eyes

Clip the truths

Flip past the lies

Clip what you want at the start

Flip right past the broken heart

Clip the love

Flip past the hate

Clip which roads to navigate

Clip the art

Flip past the war

Clip the windows

And open doors


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