The Artists Mind

The Artist’s Mind

~Deana J. Tavares

I am an artist

I write

I paint

I dream

I sculpt

Whichever way

It all comes out

I’m not in control

It bowls me over

Storming out of the gullet

A torrent of soldiers

Semi-automatic ideas

Too fast to be counted

The lucky few will be

Stuffed and mounted

Never doubt their power

Or their force

Just let them out

To run their course

Organic matter splattered

Across canvas







Floods out of this hole in my head

Staining my hands and face

Charcoal and paint

Stroke after improvised stroke

Until I faint

My brain is a musical and fluid instrument

Unlike the outside world

Maybe a curse

Or just a beautiful pearl

My art a choreographed dance

That I am always learning




Constantly churning

Its innumerable steps I follow

A student of my own mind

Diving deeper and deeper under each time

Diving until the images are defined

Released in peaceful waves

Released in shouts

Choking on bile-like words

Until I spit them out

Unveiled with an urgency

They made it to the light

How suddenly day becomes night

Giving birth again and again

With a new idea

More clarity emerges

No more fear


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