~Deana J. Tavares

I Am them

And you are they

She is him

And he is she

Humans inevitably

Strip us of our skin

Our hair

And we would be


Unaware of the fabric

From which we were cut

Unaware of the patches

That stitched us up

Unaware of the chains

That held us down

Unaware of the differences

That we had found

Instead we would see

Red muscles

Ivory grey tendons

  Green veins

Beneath bone

Coils of information

Similar brains

Would we then see

All of our similarities

Or focus

Upon size

Or merely the fact

That we have

Different colored eyes

Would flexion occur

Or tension persist

My ulna and humerus

You don’t have to twist

I’m ready for change

With all of our skin


When our differences

Unite us

And acceptance

Becomes fact


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