That Garden

This poem is dedicated to the memory of Olive H. Prouty and the beautiful gifts that she gave to so many over the years through her healing garden, The Prouty Garden. Many of us have benefited from her generous gift. Not only plants grew in this garden but compassion, kindness, understanding, acceptance, and hope were generated there as well. Many will continue to spread these gifts around. Thanks again Olive Prouty!

(Please consider donating to the making of the film honoring her gift of a healing garden, all of those that it touched, and the struggle to save that sacred space.)

For more info:

That Garden

~Deana J. Tavares

For some

Maybe the hospital

Was quieter than their home

Maybe close proximity

Made patients feel

Just like family


For me the garden was


Illuminating my darkness

Bringing light into the life

That I was constantly blinking

In and out of

Where horizontal perspectives


The tallest most gentle giants

Green leafy and blue

Healing with hues

Grey seemed miles away

Down fluorescent lit

Corridor freeways

That garden

My Ellis Island


From amidst the fog

Oxygen after a long

Difficult journey

Giving me the strength

To go on

Reconnecting again

And again

Like an IV

Directly from a plant

A tree

To them

To me

We are all interconnected

Don’t you see

Metasequoia umbilical cords

Feeding and nourishing

Tiny lives


The little ones knew

It too was alive inside

Long after they were gone

That garden

It would thrive

Little did they know

The cord would be cut

And a building just might

Swallow the Prouty up


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