Beautifully Complex

Beautifully Complex

~Deana J. Tavares

I am so much more than

That stereotype

Within your brains catalog

Where preconceived resides

And the past leaves behind

A fog

I am so much more than

Just red

Just green

Just yellow

Just ivory, brown

Just tan

So much more than

Just woman

Or man

You see

I am energy

I am color

I am light

Dark globs within palettes

Splashes of bright

I am many thickened layers

Tertiary colors of paint

Neither a demon

Nor a saint

I am so much more than

Breasts and butts

What lies between the thighs

The chitter

The chatter

The buzzing

You hear in hives

I am

Distressed and sanded

Then smoothed

Sometimes new colors

Always adjusting

To new hues

I am, open

I am, real

I am, convex

I am


Reaching out to the world

Beautifully complex


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