~Deana J. Tavares

Those swords

Just to intimidate

I shall fear no weapons

Small or great

I will gently pass them

Back your way

Meant for you

Not me today

Though many cracks

I have found

I’ve sent them crumbling

To the ground

Towering walls

Kicked them down

Mortar mixed

Quickly patched

They stacked the bricks

Repaired the latch

Although my tools

They are strong


As the day is long

Carving through

Sand and dust

A task like this

Feels unjust

Gently removing

Brick by brick

Billowing clouds

Grey and thick

Repaired again

Then reinforced


Must resume the course

The smog


It led me in

There was a box

Tall and thin

Tucked deep inside


What did they hide

Made of the finest

Hardest woods

A question to continue

I thought I should

Then I found

One rusted nail



Weathered and frail

So I decided

To peer right in

Just a glimpse

And I was sold

Stacking and building

Brick by brick

The mortar they would fold

Blocking out the light

Sealing every crack

Without knowing

About my tiny hack

I started removing them

At the base

Before the mortar dried


Sunlight flooded in

Everything was visible



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