Kindness In Between

Mexico 2014 569 - Copy

How do you move mountains? I believe this can be done one pebble at a time. If people were pebbles, put us together and we become a mountain. Not one redwood, but an entire forest.

As you already know the political climate of our country and world as a whole has been anything but positive. There are times when I look around and feel as if there is no end to this downward spiral that our world is in currently. We don’t subscribe to cable within our household, but still get more than our fill of politics, hatred, and violence. Which seem to be one in the same these days. I’m sure many others have felt this way also. I began thinking that this world needed the plates to shift beneath us in a positive direction if anything was going to change. Through more reflection and a dire need to pull myself up out of the dark abyss of despair, I suddenly realized that I didn’t have to look too far to find change happening all around.

This year not only has our president stimulated hatred and discrimination on many levels, but in fact for each hateful act I have seen twice as much kindness and compassion. Already compassionate hearts growing exponentially.

In between all of the hateful acts there is kindness. In between many ludicrous bills being signed, there are individuals of many different ethnicities being elected to office anxious to make changes for the better. In between the discrimination and injustice, many have come forward in a show of support for their fellow humans and all of our varied characteristics. In between the hate speech there have been words of positivity reverberating louder, uplifting, and empowering the masses. So I encourage everyone to look in between. You don’t have to look too far to find kindness spreading all around. Join in, and spread some more!

~Peace, love, light, jummyjeenz

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