Ice Cream Cone Of Words

IMG_6820Ice Cream Cone Of Words

~jummyjeenz D.T.

When I was a little girl

I had an ice cream cone of words

That I could never finish



Drop by drop

Scattered everywhere

A huge puddle beneath where I sat

Carried upon the wings

And sticky feet

Of pigeons

And morning doves

My shadow hovered above

As a young girl my ice cream cone

Was still top heavy

But I managed

Lost some drops

But slurped some up

Somehow a tiny hole

Would always form

In the bottom

My maple walnut

Rocky road words slowly

Seeped out

Every time

I struggled to catch the

Drops on the tip of my tongue

Before they hit the ground

But that top heavy cone

Always came

Crashing and splashing down

Now as an adult

I never get the cone

Only the cup

Different flavors each time

And I never

Miss a drop

© 2017

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