For You:

For You:

~Deana J. Tavares

I have a gift

For you


Spread far and wide each day

Presented without packaging

Or bows to throw away


This gift was found

Deep inside

Under layers of birds

And waves

And trees

Little messages whispered

Into harsh winds

Within the pollen baskets

Of tiny bees


If you missed it

Another one

Will come your way

Real soon

Rocketing good intentions

Bouncing them

Off the moon


This gift it spreads

Like mycelium

It grows upon downed trees

Tiny messages flutter


To the ground

Parachuting amongst the leaves


With acorns crunching

Beneath our shoes

Creamy horizons in the distance

Blues often brightened

By various hues

Our colors blending with persistence



This is my gift to you

Though you too are wrapped inside

Your thoughts

Your laughs

Our memories clasped

This gift

Our gift

It is alive


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