Precious Ones

Precious Ones

~Deana J. Tavares 

You were forged

Within the fires

Of generations past




Cooled in the rivers

Dredged from the mud

Silt and weeds

Nile tears rested

Upon your cheeks

Cast into oceans

Crossed over countless creeks


Feet soft

Though heart thickened

From trudging across

Rough terrain

The wheat whispered the words

From cotton breezes

Sweetened with sugar cane


Wampum beads

Adorn your wrists

Energy from

The oceans core

Roars within

Hidden amongst

A Northern Atlantic haze

Other perspectives

At times

Too thin


Himilayan breezes

And Sahara winds filled your sails

Carribean squalls

Propelled you to these shores

Lungs expanded

With courage needed

To open

Unknown doors


Over rolling hills you came

Over green

And sand

Similar topography

No so distant



Hurricanes brought you here

Tides carried you in

On persecutions waves

You rode

Thunderous Wars

And Famine’s flow

Brought you here in droves


From all points of the Atlantic

Across the Pacific

And Mediterranean Sea

Tiny grains came together

To form

Many variations

Of beauty


Sand and ocean merged

And we were created



Then harvested

From within the belly of a clam

The most precious of pearls

From the waters

Of the world


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