Gentle Giant

When connection and creative freedom merge together great things can happen. This commissioned piece happened to be near and dear to my heart. Kenzo was an active docile Akita with great presence. Akita’s tend to get a bad rap, but this guy was a gentle soul, with deep understanding eyes, and a love for all things in nature. The proud new owners of this piece expressed to me that I truly captured his spirit. One of the best compliments and artists can receive. Grateful to have shared some special moments with this gentle giant. Rest peacefully in golden poppy fields my friend! ~jummyjeenz


As I glanced upon the blank canvas a vision of golden fields with red poppies can to me. Nearing completion of the golden field and other finishing touches.


After many layers of fur and wheat there he was Kenzo loving the outdoors as always. Those eyes had to be just right! A huge sigh of relief when the new owners confirmed that they were.

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2 thoughts on “Gentle Giant

  1. Beautiful painting and absolutely captured true essence, a big cream puff. I especially loved the tilt of head something he always did


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