Creative Process


Iris flower study for 1B painting: I was completely mesmerized and slightly obsessed with the delicate curves and folds of these flowers. These are just a few of the many photos that I captured. My intense observation immediately turned into inspiration, and I knew that I needed to paint these little beauties. What happened next was just the creative process unfolding organically. ~jummyjeenz



Everything else came after those Iris’s. Essentially this piece was created in a kind of backwards manner. The Iris’s in the foreground first then layer by layer the background revealed itself. Suddenly there was a great deal of depth. As each element found their place upon the canvas the next one would then reveal itself.



Then there was one, just one bee. If we are not careful to protect the ones that we have left, unfortunately that could be a sad reality in the future.


Let’s continue to watch over these little guys! ✌🏽❤️~jummyjeenz

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