The Ties That Bind

Mexico 2014 692 - Copy
The Ties That Bind

~Deana J. Tavares

The bars are strong

Many years

To break

Trapped within

This subtle quake

Aftershocks one by one

How many more

To come undone

After all there is a key

locked inside

A memory

The flesh

the blood

the veins

It resides

The cello’s cry

Knows where

It hides

Spongy pathways

Blurring routes

Rays shine in

Hands block out

Revealing walls

 Six-thousand feet

Piled high

All concrete

White matter muffled

Music plays

Can you hear that note

Just a recollection

Lump in the throat

Break the bars

Crush the shocks

Find the key

Or pick the lock

Clear the path

Move your hands from the light

Unveiling days

Forgetting nights

Stairs six-thousand feet

Hidden within concrete

Climb them all

And then you’ll find

A symphony




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