Something To Share?

   Something To Share?

I find myself pondering these days a great deal about the state of our world, and how there can be so many rain clouds pouring down all at once. At times I have wondered just how we are going to get up from all of this negativity that threatens to envelop our country and world at times. Then I quickly remember all of the positivity that I have encountered and the individuals who are making a difference daily. I believe the first step to change is looking inward at oneself. What can I do? How can I make a positive impact right now? Well, I can certainly share what I have in my cup.

Your cup may not contain extra money to donate to a cause or organization, but you also have a mind as well as a voice. It is also possible that we may have some type of skills that can be shared to help facilitate upward movement for everyone. I truly believe that we are all interconnected, all part of the whole. The energy that we send out into the world does affect others around us. So why not send out as much good energy as we can? Although remember it is always crucial to save some for yourself as well.  Even something as simple as sharing of information to help spread the word about an organization or individual attempting to do great things within your community. If we all take some time to reflect and then act, great things can and will happen. I’m truly convinced that it is possible to make an impact with what we have within our very own cup, no matter how little we think it may be. Just imagine if we put them all together? I believe that would be a very generous pour!

If you have the ability to make a donation to a meaningful cause or organization, then here are some that I personally know of that are dedicated to education, peace, and understanding.  Or just spread the word!                                                                               ✌🏽❤️ ~ jummyjeenz

Peace Abbey Memorial & Life Experiences School- Sherborne & Millis MA

Many individuals that came before us put into practice the concepts of non-violence, peace, and oneness for the entirety of their lives. The world is a better place because they existed. The Peace Abbey Memorial honors these individuals such as Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Maya Angelou, John Lennon, Sojourner Truth, Martin Luther King Jr. to name a few. Plaques and statues are beautifully arranged upon sacred ground where the Sherborne Peace Abbey once stood in all her glory. Maybe with enough funding one day the Peace Abbey will return and be what it once was, a peaceful place for all people. We can always use more peace within our world!

The Life Experiences School continues The Peace Abbey’s mission of education, peace, and understanding. Learning more about these organizations and their compassionate approach to community will surely fill your heart with hope!

William Joiner Institute For War and Social Consequences-

UMass Boston:

This organization continues to honor veterans of all ages, and is always in need of adequate funding. Their aim is to educate and bring about understanding, healing, as well as social change. The professors continuously create a sense of community within their programming and tackle many social issues with dynamic groups of students, veterans, and non-veterans. Professors and students alike learn from sharing varied perspectives, with the concept that we can all make a difference within our world.

Winslow Animal Sanctuary- Norton MA                           

This little sanctuary is a magical place tucked away down a scenic country road in Norton MA. The Animals are extremely sweet, gentle, and content within their surroundings. The deep sense of peace that I got from spending a few hours with these beautiful creatures is difficult to describe, you’ll just have to see for yourself. Definitely a safe haven and peaceful sanctuary worth visiting!



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