Bleeding Hearts’ Sunrise

It’s always an interesting process how creativity unfolds. I’m still learning something new everyday about myself and the world around me. How images can lead to words and words back to images.  How deeply rooted and connected we can be to nature from a very young age and for the whole of our lives. How the natural world contains a great deal of healing energy to help us navigate the complex situations that surround us. So much so that it emerges regularly within acrylic worlds, and through poetry’s fields. I strongly believe that we are all interconnected, and part of everything. I hope that these concepts that many others believe as well will catch on increasingly within our world and bring about more understanding and compassion for all things.

~Peace, love, and light,   jummyjeenz

IMG_7532Bleeding Hearts Sunrise  24 x 48 acrylic on canvas  © 2018

Optimal Pupil
~Deana J. Tavares

Her eyes

Gently tell everything

But I still find myself

Drawn in further

Every now and then

I must look away

Or should I stay


Where every lash clings on

Sticky strands

Like a Venus fly trap


The cornea holding focus

As the iris

Draws in the light, and me


If I stay there

Where will I go

Does anyone know

Will I be able to come back


© 2018

Just having some fun snapping a few photos in front of the canvas. A great deal of energy flowed into this canvas, through the branches, and poured out from all sides. Grateful to have completed and now share this piece.


The journey from start to finish.

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