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The year of 2017 proved to be an eventful one!  I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with many inspiring artist, poets, musicians, community influencers, and visionaries. I’m extremely thankful for the kind compassionate individuals that have entered my life over the past two years, many of which I know will be lasting relationships and ongoing sources of inspiration. I left 2017 with a feeling of fullness.

Now in 2018 I am feeling full of light, love, and more inspiration then ever before, thanks to all who have crossed my path. This pertains to the humans and the tiny creatures within the natural world as well. We are all interconnected and the more people become aware of this concept, the more we can accomplish together. Many new ideas have been churning over the past few years, that I hope will lead to some inspired collaborations in 2018. I hope that you will all join me on this journey to share our perspectives, inject beauty, and create change within our world!

Sending peace, love, and light to you all! Thank you for your ongoing support!

Grateful, jummyjeenz D.T.

10/25/18  Warrior Writers Workshop

Hosted by: Fred Marchant

I was happy to attend this dynamic writer’s workshop hosted by poet and author Fred Marchant for the Warrior Writers group. There were many talented writers at this intimate event, but great things sometimes come in small packages. Thankful for all of the shared stories and inspiring words from all who attended! They are all part of my story now.

Poets: Fred Marchant, Deborah Kalin, Caleb Nelson, Rachel McNeill, Evan Gildersleeve, and Brian Earley.

Nov. 4th Connecting The Dots With Dot Walsh –

I was extremely honored to have my poetry and artwork  featured along with the storytelling of Alan O’Hare and music by Andy Celley. There was an air of connectedness within this setting, flowing through the performers as well as the audience members. Open mic then revealed a wealth of talent from around the Dedham area as well. A great deal of original work was shared by many of the performers. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to perform and accept the gifts of creativity that were shared at this event.






Open mic performers: Joe Rich, Clarissa Robyn, Dan O’Neil, Nick Vecchio, Nancy Weller, Bob David, Jerry__________ and Tony Cibotti

December 2nd 2017-Connecting The Dots with Dot Walsh

Featured performers  Jan Krause Greene, Cheryl Melody Baskin, Sarah Fuhro

There was a great deal of compassion and inspiration emanating from this room. There was also a deep feeling of connectivity as each performer shared their work and each topic seemed to organically lead to the next. I was thrilled to be a part of this show and share my work as well.



Deana Tavares poetry reading: Lichen, I Am

Andy Celley: Storytelling & Tony Cibotti: Singing holiday favorites

December 12th 2017-Arts at the Armory Somerville MA

First and Last Word Poetry Series-Hosted by Harris Gardner
Featured Readers: Mary Bodwell Buchinger, Philip Burnham, Ruth Smullin, & Ruth Chad

I ventured out on a very cold winter evening to this wonderful intimate event, and I’m so glad that I did. I connected especially to Mary Buchinger’s nature themed works and Ruth Chad’s emotionally charged pieces. The other poets shared some great words as well. A very worthwhile night of inspiring poetry!

Open mic: Deana Tavares reading entitled ~I Am

January 25th 2018-Commissioned artwork completed

Gentle Giant-acrylic on canvas

This beautiful creature was near and dear to my heart! So therefore I put a great deal of heart into this piece. Thankfully it resonated with the clients, and  they connected with the imagery that I had chosen to represent their dear pet.



January 15th 2018-Dedham MA Community event honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Presentation by Deana Tavares included these poems-Skin, Beautifully Complex, & Precious Ones

Keynote speaker: Charles Walker Jr. (introduced by Joseph Borsellino)

Over 400 people were in attendance for this amazing MLK event in Dedham MA. There was a real sense of community within the auditorium that was palpable. I left this event feeling hopeful. I believe that more events like this one can help to create a sense of community, spread more compassion, and understanding  throughout our neighborhoods and towns.

Some of the organizers of this event include: Alison T. Brill, Jessica Porter, Rali Weaver, Margaret Adams Whitfield






Photo Credit: Christine Ryan



Photos by: Deana Tavares

2/1/18 Peace Abbey /Life Experiences School Blessing bowl ceremony:

I had the pleasure of meeting individuals for the first time, celebrating peace, and embracing a quiet moment with these new friends. The simple act of connecting through touching water and making eye contact was a truly heartwarming experience. I was honored to take part in this ceremony, deeply moved, and inspired by the compassionate energy within this space. A poem emerged as a result.


2/17/18  Attended:  Wake Up And Smell The Poetry –

Hosted by: Cheryl Perrault

Features: Reggie Gibson and Beth DeSombre.

It truly was a treat to wake up and smell the poetry on a February morning! Reggie has a way of drawing in the listener and taking you along on his smooth yet energetic journey. Beth DeSombre’s thoughtful lyrics truly shined the light on our current times, connecting with all who attended. This was an energetic thought-provoking show!

3/24/18 March For Our Lives:

In one word powerful! The energy was amazing within this sea of compassion and support. I was extremely grateful to be swimming within these waves with a few dear friends. We all need to feel safe within our communities & children definitely need to feel safe within their schools! Boston showed up in record numbers to say Not One More!


4/17/18 Accepted into William Joiner Institute 31st Annual Writers Workshop with full Scholarship

This workshop is a wonderful place for writers of all genres. Although writing is typically a solitary career path, there is a deep connection and sense of community here. Please consider supporting organizations such as this one that encourages more peace within our world.


4/18 Dedham MA. Political Campaigns    Women In Democracy

On another note…Yes, I too got involved in local politics this year. There were many dynamic women running for office within my community and I could not ignore the call to further uplift and support them with some of their campaign endeavors. When women have a voice within our communities and our world as a whole the future will be brighter for us all!

Pictured below: Clarissa Robyn for Parks And Recreation

Jessica Porter for Planning Board


4/27/18 Attended: Storytelling event with host Cheryl Perrault                                                                            Bittersweet Cafe Hopkinton MA

Featured performers:

Brendyn Schneider, Jan Krause Greene, & Wes Hazard

This was a exciting event with three very dynamic performers. I was very grateful to have experienced the stories that they had to share. Storytelling is a powerful way to connect immediately to another individual as a result of a common understanding or shared experience. It can be a deeply moving experience, as it was for me. I was humbled and honored by the attendees that reached out to me and shared their stories on a personal level after I shared mine with them. The energy was palpable!

Open mic: Deana Tavares storytelling – Say His Name

Peace Abbey Memorial Sherborne MA.

A few hours were spent here appreciating all of the amazing people who came before me and were in the pursuit of peace. Please consider visiting this amazing place and beautiful tribute to many peace seeking individuals/activists. Let’s all carry the torch from here and continue what they started long ago. Peace is not just an idealistic concept, it is attainable!




5/4/18 Attended: Mass Poetry Festival

This event is like Disney World for writers! Whether you write poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or memoir you will enjoy this dynamic atmosphere. Here you’ll see poets of all ages and cultural backgrounds expanding their minds and opening themselves up to new ideas and paths. I’m very grateful to be a part of this community. Also I am thankful to have been able to attend and make many new connections!

5/10 We Did It For You: Musical about women’s rights By: Author & playwright Thea Iberall

After singing and a cold read I was so thrilled to be chosen to join this amazing cast of talented women! Every rehearsal and performance reminds me that we are making an impact within the world by sharing the stories of these amazing women who have paved the way for us all. Many of their stories were left out of the history books. Each word that is uttered upon the stage connects us with the past, and through the audience to the present, and future as well. Let’s not forget every thing that we are able to do today as women many fought and died for those rights. Their stories deserve to be told! Come join us. 


Consider attending a show, bring your friends, and spread the word. This musical is an important reminder about how important democracy and community is within our world.



5/13/18 Mothers Day Peace Walk

This past Mothers Day I decided to honor my brother Michael James Almeida who was also a victim of senseless gun violenc at twenty-one years of age. Unfortunately many of us let the years pass by without speaking about how these tragic events impact all of our lives, and generations to come. It was an empowering feeling to stand in truth with hundreds of others also acknowledging their loved ones. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel, process, share, than one cannot heal. A great deal of singing, chanting, and healing took place on this day. There’s always next year if you missed out. Remember to say their names!





6/16/18 Wake Up And Smell The Poetry- Hopkinton MA.

Host: Cheryl Perrault

Featured performers: Polly Brown and Peg Espinola

Open mic: Deana Tavares shared-Precious Ones

I felt very fortunate to have made it out to this event. Polly Brown’s tribute to her mother was stunning! She brought many in the audience to tears with her sensitive heartfelt reading. Peg was such an inspiration as she decided to explore song writing and performance after retirement. There were many extraordinary gifts of creativity shared on this day.


All Photos By: Dan Tappan

Open mic performers:





Just a side note:

I was very impressed with the wide variety of poetry books at Hopkinton Public Library!

6/25-29 Joiner Institute Writers Workshop

This year I attended yet another powerful and informative workshop week. I was very eager to again take part in Danielle Legros Georges dynamic and highly engaged class. After leaving the Joiner I feel hopeful for our world that there are so many individuals that do care about the future. This feeling was represented within all of the participants. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this community and look forward to further cultivating the relationships that I have made through this program. We definitely need more programming like this that focuses on educating, processing, and healing the scars of war and social issues.




7/16/18 Jamaica Plain Porchfest

Never Too Late To Be A Poet-poetry workshop group

Overwhelmed with the extensive schedule of events I decided to wander around JP and found this wonderful group of poets. It was a serendipitous moment that I happened to find the poets first. They shared their stories, poetry, and truths about the process of aging. Then I was offered the opportunity to share some of my work with them as well. It was such a joy to meet these seniors and an honor to be accepted on their porch to share my voice as well. I truly hope our paths cross again!



7/1/18 Essay Published on:   Engaging Peace Website

This piece was written to help promote peace and organizations that promote peace such as The William Joiner Institute For War And Social Consequences. I truly believe in this organization, and I hope many others will connect to it as well through this essay. We all have something within our cup that we can share to help make a difference within our world! Whatever is in your cup is never to little. A great big thank you to the people at Engaging Peace who heard my voice and cared enough to share my words on their website!

Edited version:

Original version:



One thought on “Events 2018

  1. Shalom…Thank you for sending me your pages… The photos are scrumpscious . and I really like the layout. It feels like a story that I want to follow. And also your art is deliscious. I did not see the telling of , I AM… I know a place that would be interested to publish… it it stays on the Moldy theme. We have a zine or small chap book that we need writers for . The Boston Mycological Society. Maybe you are just starting out with Lichen…but I would still love to see the poem.

    You pics show a vibrant community. That is what I am seeking here in West Acton. Once I finish unpacking the essentials…I can join others
    and help out. You are always welcome to my home…I am near West Concord and there are two galleries here. Be Well. Hope to see you soon. Nyanna


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