Peace Within The Creases



Peace Within The Creases

~Deana J. Tavares 7/31/18

At ninety-four years old Ora still dreams and inspires within the process. Peace is her dream and she makes sure that it flies into the hands of everyone along her path. When eating out her server is always thanked with a bright representation of kindness and connection. The colorful paper cranes that were gifted to me will serve as a reminder that we must pass on whatever fragments of peace that we possess within our bones, to the next generation. Within each crease of her paper creations lives her shared experiences, words, energy, and spirit.



One simple gesture done with great intention has connected our hearts and created another link in the chain of peace. I absorbed the energy and light that she so generously rained down upon me. Beauty upon beauty is what I witnessed. I saw her many layers of light unfolding and folding right in front of my eyes. She still questions.

 IMG_7813Maybe when we stop questioning

is when we truly stop living.

Ora mentioned that

her granddaughter says

“it is what it is” then

she responds by saying  “but what is it”?


Everyday I am blessed, but today I was blessed to be in her presence. I felt her words of peace curl up in the sunniest part of my heart, and there they will remain. It takes many colorful pieces folded together to create a better world. My dreams of peace were gifted one thousand cranes wings to fly that day by the beautiful bright Aura, that is Ora.


(Ora Spadafora with Alan O’hare interview with host Dot Walsh on Dedham TV’s Oneness And Wellness) You too can be inspired by her words and presence. Stay tuned to see her interview on:

“I will write peace on your wings, and you will fly all over the world.”
-Sadako Sasaki, Age 12

 Ora was deeply inspired by this book

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

and she shared a few excerpts from within.

“This is our cry

This is our prayer

Peace in the world”

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