I See Me In You

We are all one race, the human race! Many of us are familiar with the saying “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”. To see our childrens faces in the faces of a child of another culture, another race, is essential to developing a kinder world. To see ourselves within another gender or transgendered individual is to truly see beyond the outer image and focus on ones inner beauty.  To see ourselves within a differently abled individual and know that our fate could change in any moment, and we are not so different after all. To see ourselves in one another through a lens of compassion is something we are all capable of doing. We are all unique individuals following our own paths in life. However Civil Rights and Human Rights are important for us all. I see me in you! What do you see? ✌🏽❤️ 1 🌍   #yeson3


© 2018

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