I Have A Voice



~Deana J. Tavares

Tattered tongue

And wicked wit

I see all this

Upon my hands I sit


A staunch advocate

Of the positive

Positively motionless

Frozen is the mind


Mindful reflections

Of the past

Past the ocean of fear

Up the mountain

Of enlightenment

Freed are the words

Revealing a voice


A voice so deep and broad

It can never be contained

Nor will it be confined

Within the dark underbrush

Of truth or reality


Really, the loudest thing

You will ever hear

And oh so crystal clear

Clarity beyond measure

With fog proof glass


Glassy eyes see through you

And miss nothing

Nothing can touch you

Like a word

Such an incomprehensible thought


Thinking, thinking

My brain is shrinking

As the words pour off

The tip of my tongue

Leaving a sweet and sour taste

Within my mouth


My mouth is my fiercest weapon

My undeniable power

My proof of existence

I exist and

I do have a voice

That can and will be heard

© 2018

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