Visions Of Change

Visions Of Change

(Sharing everyday thoughts about the world in which we live. What are yours?)

~Deana J.Tavares

Love is all that matters. Nothing in this material world should hold me. Love holds me. The universe holds me. The past, present, and future connect me. The feeling of being in between worlds is true and real. I have never felt that I belong within this world because we have got it all wrong. We live in a society where we choose not to learn from our mistakes. Instead we repeat them over and over and slowly destroy the souls of the next generation. Our appreciation for nature, the earth, and the human spirit is being threatened daily. Sometimes we are like lost children looking for someone to hold us until we don’t need to be held any longer. Taken away from our mothers too soon and thrown into the concepts of  the past, that inhibit us from forming new ideas and evolving. Then we stand…find connection, realize that there is a whole lot of love, and hope out there still. The only way to find it is to reach for it, reel it in closer, and swim within the warm waters of possibility. Together.


Am I doing what I need to be doing, to make the changes that I want to make within my world? Or the world as a whole? What am I doing? Or does it even matter? Maybe I need to go on a journey and use my presence and skills to connect and create peace. Or do I want more of the same communicating through technological worlds? Unless that communication can connect me farther and wider. Life is a journey and each new road upon my path will reveal itself, one step at a time. Maybe I am exactly where I need to be. We begin with love, we end with love. Nothing else matters!
~Peace, Sending love far and wide,  Deana J. Tavares

(We all have questions that we pose to ourselves and about the world around us. These thoughts and ideas connect us as human beings helping us to see more clearly, and to be seen.)     

Let’s connect! Email me your thoughts on hope, peace, change, as well as permission to add an excerpt with your name to my next piece about these concepts. This is an attempt to reach out and connect us all within this great big circle of human life. Who knows where it will lead?
(Subject line: Visions Of Change 2 )

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