What Is A Dream?

(I had the pleasure of speaking at Dedham Middle School’s MLK event on February 26th 2019. I was filled with hope and love by this gathering and show of community. Great thing can happen when we all come together peacefully. This is what I shared with my community and would like to share it here as well.)

~Peace, jummyjeenz   Deana J. Tavares


What if Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t have a dream? What would our country look

like today if he decided that change was to stressful, too difficult, too much work?

What would our classrooms look like? Our public transportation? Our Congress?

I want to talk a bit about change, hope, and dreams, because these three friends are

always working in conjunction together. When individuals can dream and dream


they can create change within our world. These changes then fill others with hope. That

hope then encourages us all to keep dreaming. When we see someone’s dream actualized

we then begin to believe that ours is also possible. Change is possible.

So I ask you all to encourage the dreamers within your lives to continue dreaming

because quite often those dreams include us all and make an attempt at navigating a

better course for our world as a whole.

And to the dreamers:

I ask that you think about how very fortunate you are to still be able to dream, create

change, and spread hope because there are still many individuals around the world who

do not have this privilege. Use it wisely.

When the fire of those dreams is quenched then hope and the possibility of change is as

well. So I challenge you all within these trying times to keep dreaming, and include

others within those dreams. Dreams can bring communities together. Dreams can shine

a light into any darkness. Dreams can effect change.

What Is A Dream?

Deana J. Tavares

That pebble

Within the water

That ripples

Across oceans

Of change

Within the eyes

Of our teenagers

And elders

Those stars

That remain

Tiny seeds of peace

Sewn into

The fabric

Of all hearts

Not the finish line

But the exact point

From where the journey starts

The pollination

Of young minds

With compassionate


No talks

About war

Because there are none

Being fought

The trajectory of lives

Crashing into understanding

One small step

For womankind

Our humankind

Moon landing

The yellow wings of hope

Flying over blues

And reds

Blending them to purple


That slowly

Creeps in

Wins the race

That slow patient


A breathe

Blown back into the lungs

Of a defeated nation

Collective empowerment

For future


The one

Who stands alone

Like a Redwood tree


Part of the forest

Of community

A voice

Once muffled



The answers

Within vowels


Of words

The bright eyed child

Who knows

Their worth

That little girl

With red ribbons

Equal at birth

That door

Left open

So others

Can walk


The kindness

Inside me

That lives inside you too

A voice

That slices through

For the voiceless


Human beings

With a rainbow

Of faces

Holding their heads up


© 2019

We live within a nation of dreamers and we dream because we can.

Because our streets are still safe enough to allow our minds to wander.

So keep dreaming through the hatred, keep dreaming through the

injustice, keep dreaming through the fear.

We can work together and continue to hope, dream, and create change!

Alone I am but one tree, but together we are a forest.

MLK once said: “We may have all come in on different ships, but we’re in

the same boat now”

Dedham Martin Luther King Remembrance:

Covered by Dot Walsh and Dan Hallisey Of Dedham TV

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