Human Nature Opening


Please join us September 28th 6-9 Opening reception for:                                           Deana J. Tavares aka jummyjeenz.

Human nature represents the depth of feeling, thought, self expression, and connection that we all exhibit as human beings.  This is a merging together of all aspects of life, reality mixed with dream worlds then blended into images of interconnectedness, freedom, and hope.

Deana’s journey began at UMass Dartmouth in ceramics, sculpture, jewelry/metals, and creative writing. Life’s hurdles have rerouted her countless times only further enhancing her ability to find new creative and more sustainable avenues to explore. Within her studio paint, music, poetry, performance, face painting, and activism peacefully collide. You will see the personification of nature amongst many other forms of self expression presented within this show.

Deana hopes to take you on a journey within this space, connect to your heart, and ultimately leave you with the feeling of being seen, heard, and valued within the world. Hopeful!

(This show will be on display until October 20th 2019)

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