The Journey Home


BF566082-D0CB-46D9-9677-F709FC565BC7The Journey Home (Excerpt)

~Deana J. Tavares

Turn the power button on

let it encircle

freedom surrounds

dampened grasses

upon the ground

stumble past

the monarchs


(Read the rest of this poem on page 81 & 82 of Art On The Trails – Marking Territory)


Art On The Trails – Marking Territory at the Elaine and Philip Beals Preserve

This book can purchased on this site:

To learn more about this magnificent land preserve go to:      

A great big thanks to the editors:

Cynthia Franca,  Maura Snell, and Catherine Weber – They hosted a truly magical event!

Sometimes we all want to change the world and I believe that together we can. So why not start close to home and donate to organizations that are trying to preserve and care for precious natural spaces like this one? We all know that nature is a healing force that renews our energy and restores our hope. If you purchase an Art On The Trails book not only will you be receiving beautifully written thought-provoking poetry, but your money will go directly back to The Elaine and Philip Beals Land Preserve. This is an amazing natural forest trail in Southborough MA for all to enjoy. Also it may possibly the perfect place for your next nature adventure. I felt a strong connection to this land and was deeply inspired by all of the natural elements. I highly recommend forest bathing and just breathing it all in here!

~Peace, love, light, Deana Tavares (jummjeenz)


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