Looking Out A New Window




Looking Out A New Window

~Deana J. Tavares

Transitions, transitions….

We all know that transitions are difficult but never know what may be coming our way, or the capacity that we have as individuals to adjust and adapt to various changes. There is no question that I have had to adapt countless times throughout my life.

Many say that moving to a new place is difficult and that is the truth. When you find yourself roaming around home stores melancholy one minute and joyful the next then you are in the full throws of the moving process. The moving on process. Breaking up is hard, breaking out is harder, and opening yourself up to a whole new adventure is extremely difficult, but possible. Most likely also eating way too much take out along the way even if you do enjoy cooking. You will break down crying uncontrollably on your friends laps and in their arms throughout this process, and that’s ok. Possibly even buy pillows for the sofa bed you don’t have yet just because they make you happy. Allowing ourselves to feel all of those emotions and release them in small increments helps to aid in this transition and avoid a total breakdown when those reservoirs fill to the brim.
However busy one may be during this unfolding I found that its so important to make time to see friends. I gained a great deal of strength from finding those windows, looking past the work, and having a glass of wine while dancing in stocking feet to long lost CD’s there to accompany me on the next leg of my journey. Feeling grateful that I never donated that Toni Braxton or Tori Amos CD even within this digital age. I also discovered that sitting on a blanket on the floor eating Chinese food with a friend amidst boxes, is a real thing. A really great thing! Oh and kitten therapy too!

Smudging the new place with friends and sage I also highly recommend to set a good intention and inject positive energy into your new place. Polishing grandmas old silver with new friends can be a cathartic experience as well. There are so many decisions to make and with those decisions come self discovery as well. What do I want becomes the question? What is important to me at this stage in my life? What will take first priority? It should be a different answer depending on the individual. Practical over passion, or passion over practicality? That is the question and quite often passion chimes in and has the last say in the matter. Ultimately we create our own world, so who can say just what that should look like? Practical or not in the minds of others they will be my choices and mine alone. I plan on taking full ownership for all of the choices that I make as I continue to move forward. Immersed within my own space for once I begin to bounce my creative energy across these walls and welcome others to swirl within my little sanctuary. Thankful for all of the hands that helped, shoulders available to lean on, and supportive conversations throughout this journey. Today I am looking out a new window, upon the horizon of my new world, grateful. It’s a beautiful view from here!


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