Community…Tribe…Hive #3

Welcome! Replenish, connect, breathe…breathe…and breathe some more.

We have united here within this virtual realm as a community to uplift one another and share a little bit of beauty and a whole lot of hope. Consider adding a pebble into these collective waters so we can continue rippling far and wide. Those who need it will jump in, swim within these waters, and absorb what is needed to fill the reservoir.

To submit something to uplift and bring hope
Contact: (Subject line: Community…Tribe…Hive)



“Alone I am but one tree, but together we are a forest.” ~jummyjeenz

Photo credit: Alison Brill

Mother Earth’s Embrace

~Alison Brill, Boston MA

In these turbulent times, I’ve found solace, connection, and grounding in the healing energy of the natural world. My daily nature hikes have been a refuge in amidst the chaos and uncertainty, a gift of presence, gratitude, and hope. While we shelter in place, and many of us long for connection and touch, we can find shelter in the arms of Mother Earth, and quite literally embrace the trees. There are so many beautiful reminders of the interconnected web that we’re all part of, and the support that nature provides. The trees, connected by their roots, hold each other up just as we do.

One branch propped up against a fallen tree,  added to by many, and by the end of the week had become a community work of art, and a symbol of hope and support. Cairns of rocks offer balance, a gentle reminder that we are not alone, and that we will find our way. Nature truly is the best medicine!

Here is a bit of shelter, comfort, and calm in musical form. A playlist curated by Alison to enjoy while you’re cooking, creating, pondering life, or need some hope to weather this storm.

Hope is a song in a weary throat.

Give me a song of hope

And a world where I can sing it.

Give me a song of faith

And a people to believe in it.

Give me a song of kindliness

And a country where I can live it.

~Pauli Murray 


Photo credit: Jodi Locke, Portland ME (always capturing light)

Daylight Revealed

~Deana J. Tavares

The sun came up


Over the hill

As Always

Blanketed in green

Light melted

Between junipers

Needly branches

Once again



Pulled back


New light

Nature showcased

Tiny creatures


In sight

  © 2020

“Once you choose hope anything is possible.”  ~Christopher Reeve


Share the beauty! We are resilient! Together we will rise! ~Peace

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