Community…Tribe…Hive #5

I find myself capturing more images than ever these days. Perhaps not only looking for beauty but also attempting to hold on to joy for a bit longer.

How can we double it? Triple it? How can the feeling grow exponentially if we don’t share it? It won’t. It will just remain with us and within our world, but that’s not the mission of Community…Tribe…Hive.

How can we collectively make one another’s days a little brighter especially when everything around us is so shaky? I believe we can achieve brighter days and stand upon ground that feels a little less shaky just by lifting one another up. I am turning towards the things that have always lifted me like connection, music, dance, poetry, books, art, nature, meditation, and all forms of creativity.  I find that many individuals are reaching for these things as well more now than ever. Maybe now through times of crisis we will see just how valuable and necessary these creative outlets are within our world. They calm us and help us to see, process, share our perspectives, and find common ground. They help us to find peace within uncertainty.

Sending thoughts of peace scattered throughout your days that you can collect, catalog, that will help you breathe a little easier. If you would like to share some beauty contact: (subject line Community…Tribe…Hive)

Peace, love, light, jummyjeenz ~Deana Tavares


“Peace is not something you wish for;

It’s something you make,

Something you do,     

Something you are, 

And something 

You give away “

 ~John Lennon                                                                                 


Photo by: Jodi Locke, Saco Maine

Reverberating Beauty

~Deana J. Tavares

It tip toes in

The light

Between the contour

The open doors

Of love’s

Luminous shores

Silken strands

Hold onto

Daylights shine

Braided wisteria

Climbs, unwinds

Bubbles gently roll out

Van Gogh-like views

Churned around me

Cradling you

© 2020

 Holding onto…Gratitude and connection within the stillness of captured moments 


Photo by: Jodi Locke, Saco Maine

“Let the water settle; you will see the moon and stars mirrored in your being.” ~RUMI

There is light to be found within everyday, sometimes we have to remind ourselves to look for it, but it is always there. Between the leaves, behind the trees, hovering within spheres, and wafting through the breeze. Catch some rays and share them with those individuals throughout your days.

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