4,000 lbs Of Heart

4,000 lbs Of Heart 24 X 30 Acrylic on canvas © 2020

(This piece was created for an online live painting event for my hometown of New Bedford MA for the 3rd Eye Unlimited virtual pop-up on 9/18/20 Inspired by all of the heart within the community in comparison to a Blue Whale heart which is the size of a Volkswagen. It also depicts deep roots within the community with new growth in all directions. I’m grateful to have taken part in this event and this piece will be available soon and on view in the 3rd Eye Unlimited gallery. Check out their site to learn about all of the amazing programming for the youth within the community. ) https://3rdeyeunlimited.org/yournb/

So I have been thinking about heart quite a bit these days during these difficult times. We are all going through difficulties regarding the political climate, a global pandemic, financial woes, grief, and compounded hardships all around. I think it is so very important to celebrate the small victories, joy, community, and love when we find them because these things will give us the strength that we need to move forward. It helps me to de-stress at times when I remove my thoughts from my own struggles whenever possible and focus on lifting someone else up. I know personally that I move through so many different emotions everyday. We all need a little help every now and then to find the hope we need to keep moving forward. So if you are feeling really strong one day perhaps you are willing to share a bit of that energy to brighten someone else’s day. Keep checking in with your people, call, drop a line, shine some light, and reach out when you need to as well. We have had a long journey this year and a long road still to come. It takes a village. We are a village, a forest of community.

~Peace, light, love, jummyjeenz/ Deana J. Tavares

Art, poetry, and nature have always helped me to process and jump over the everyday hurdles that life seems to present. So I would like to share links to a few books that I have had pieces published in during this pandemic in hopes that maybe you too will find some connection and joy within these pages. Possibly you may want to pass one on to someone who may need to hear the words that have been offered within these publications. I am truly grateful to have been a part of both of these collaborative book projects/events with so many other very thoughtful poets and writers!

2020 Poetry Book Order Form


It’s ok to get lost…every now and then, or for a little while everyday. Lost in nature, a good book, a ridiculous movie, belting out all your favorite songs from your favorite Pandora stations, within some acrylic paint on a canvas, dancing with the whole family to release all the tension, or meditation. I believe that its so important for us all to find what it is that makes the tension melt away until we can physically wrap our arms around one another once again and share space, dance, sing together, sharing our joy and heartache in person. Nature for me is like a doorway to another realm where there is always so much to see, explore, and interact with. There is life all around and it always makes me feel lighter. Here is a poem that I think expresses that very feeling. Let’s stay grounded…connected…find your joy…and share it!


~Deana J. Tavares

The lightest air

Passed through

Every strand

Of her hair

Within her hands

She clasped it

It wouldn’t go stale

Held it to her nostrils

And deeply


Suddenly lost

Within another dimension

Microbes and fungi

Vines woven

To perfection

Warm soil

Welcomed fingers

Drawn in

To warm

Then cooled center

Tiny tunnels created


Where new life

Would enter

She saw all the rocks

Their imbedded flecks

Of minerals

House Sparrows


Upon green roof finials

Cardinals and Bluejays

Called to her

She returned

Their song

They were never gone

For very long

There are many paths that lead to the keys to open the the doors, where we will find our own joy. Starting from the heart!

”Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” ~Maya Angelou

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