Observing The General

I’m choosing to start off 2021 with my observations of nature, birds, and the freedom of flight. However nature also reminds us of how scattered debri can pile up, plants can wither, and branches may block some paths to light. Then sometimes a new day arrives, new paths are revealed, and we continue moving forward. Although all of these paths may be very different, there is still something of the familiar. May all of the paths you choose this year lead you to peace, love, and light!

~Peace, jummyjeenz / Deana J. Tavares

(P.S. I’m slow on the end of the year newsletter, but stay tuned! It’s been quite a year for us all. )

Middle photo credit: Jodi Locke – jodilockephotography.com

Observing The General

~Deana J. Tavares

Sitting there

On the edge of green

Oh what a sight

Eager branches reached out

For the first morsels

Of morning light

Black birds


Atop weathered stalks


Red and yellow



Iridescent black

Nature reminds us that beauty can be delicate, strong, broken, bold, colorful, and bright.

We then accept all of her complexity and still find joy within her light. ~jummyjeenz

© 2021

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