Thirty Bird Tree

Thirty Bird Tree

~Deana J. Tavares

So I call this the Thirty Bird Tree. Throughout this pandemic I have taken so many pictures of this same tree along my walks through this particular cemetery. It’s not a giant majestic tree of great girth and height, but something calls me to it every time I walk this route. I snap a picture to catalog the days, months. It’s a reminder of the changing seasons, that beauty doesn’t mean perfection, and that we are resilient. I can’t tell you how many times I have been greeted by whole flocks of birds, a Perigrine Falcon, Red-Tailed hawk, or silent branches against a blue or creamy grey canvas. Her branches may be a bit sparse and the tree asymmetrical however it is still deeply rooted and teaming with life. The birds are attracted to this one more than any of the other trees within this enclosure, as am I. There is an energy there. My days have been cataloged around this tree an oasis of sorts within uncertain times reminding me to stay rooted and to keep stretching my branches to allow life and light in. After all we are nature!

Our doors may be closed and locks locked, but the trees still grow, and the rivers flow

Finding new perspectives, Remembering beauty, Collecting, Cataloging life

Over the many months I feel as if I have been cataloging many sights, holding onto images, embracing moments of silent reflection, and remembering moments with a deeper sense of gratitude.

Holding onto images…

Silent reflection…

Remembering moments with a deeper sense of gratitude

When all is said and done there she stands in all weather Thirty Bird Tree an energizing force for all to see. Nature has always been a grounding force that reminds me that we are all interconnected. Trees in particular remind us to stretch our limbs a bit further to touch the light, stay firmly planted, and allow our branches to grow asymmetrical if that’s their growth pattern. Another day arrives with sunshine and snow insulates her roots as they continue to take hold as she pushes up from the deep snow. Thirty Bird Tree puts on yet another show. Stay tuned…

Today is new

As new as a day can be

Morning light

Shining upon new paths 

For old eyes to see

She is me

We, are free


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