Aqua Ascension

24 X 48 Acrylic on canvas

Just like that this young lady decided that she was finished on 3/5/21. Creating an original piece of artwork is like giving birth to new life. This piece actually was in the works for nine months. As an artist I pour myself into every piece of artwork. Believe it or not I ecstatically danced this background of brightness across this canvas as music is an essential part of my life and creative process. All of my experiences are blended into each and every brush stroke. This is life reflected back upon the canvas through isolation, constant change, love, grief, uncertainty, social-environmental issues, injustice, and joy. Painting through a pandemic one chapter at a time. Art is life, life is art! ~Peace, love, & light ~jummyjeenz/ Deana J.Tavares

Fun fact: There are 30,000 scarab species and they are found in every part of the world.

What’s out on the horizon? Every day reveals new paths, new possibilities.

The process sometimes welcomes in other elements in the form of words or music. I decided to strum my guitar with one of my original songs to bring life to this little crow video. I was out for a walk one day with loved ones and witnessed a murder of crows. There were hundreds of them flocking overhead and it was such a spectacular sight that I couldn’t forget. So they found their way into this piece and took their places upon the rocks exactly were they were meant to be.

Hope is like an ocean… Vast, powerful, and as far as the eye can see ~jummyjeenz

© 2021

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