Stepping Outside

Stepping Outside

~Deana J. Tavares

Have you stepped outside today? Outside of old thoughts and into new ones? Outside to embrace nature and breathe in the spring air? Outside of framed worlds and boxes that you never fit within? Have you stepped out of yourself for a moment and put yourself in someone else’s shoes? Everyday is another opportunity for all of the above.

Where there is light there are always shadows and where there are shadows there is always light.

Have you stepped outside to see ferns unraveling right before your very eyes?

Or tulips of all colors mingling and some with spiky ruffled sides?

I like to share all of the beauty that I find along walks and forest trails because I’m fortunate that my legs can still carry me in and around all of these places. When I am enjoying my walks through neighborhoods I’m always thinking about accessibility. Have you ever pondered that question? The sidewalks for the most part where I am are accessible so I find myself cataloging what I can see along those routes. Where could I take a friend who is differently abled or not as agile any longer to see some of the beauty that I have discovered? Forest trails, salt marsh paths, and sandy ocean paths are out of the question. Of course unless one is fortunate enough to have access to a beach wheelchair. Shouldn’t the beauty of nature be available to all? After all nature is a healing force that can lighten some of the weight that we are all carrying. It certainly does just that for me.

So I’ll continue to dip my feet into the water, grass, and earth as long as I can for myself while keeping others in mind who cannot do the same. I’ll continue sharing my love of nature and the love that nature returns to me.

I’ll continue sharing the moon that nestles within branches and wavy trees dancing through watery symphonies.

Life-giving sounds

Of natures chorus

Where every bird sings

A different verse

Where droplets part water

Ripples surround

If you just close your eyes

Nature surrounds

We’re all looking at the same sun

Within the same great big sky

With similar dreams

Through different eyes

There is beauty in the crumpled, porous, delicate, hollowed, and the extraordinary. All of these elements are extraordinary! If we all take the time to see, through all of the chaos there is still beauty all around you and circling around me. There is a magical world within patterned withered leaves and Jet gemstones scattered across a rocky beach. Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra) dangle, hollowed wood reveals roads, and a sun halo rainbow states its presence in the bright afternoon sky. Just take a moment step right outside, and take a deep breath. Give it a try!

I know that I’m fortunate and many of us are that are able to embrace the beauty of nature in some way, shape, or form. There are individuals in war torn countries and others who are disabled and don’t have access to these sights and that brings me a great deal of sadness. However I do believe that nature can still heal from afar. Pictures, sights, sounds, words can immerse us in a whole other experience, and bring us hope as well. It can take us on an adventure, let our minds wander, and travel far away. Share the beauty whenever and wherever you find it. Take a moment to see through someone else’s eyes. ✌🏽💜🌞

”Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth, will find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

~Rachel Carson

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