Free Reign

Installation and commission projects March-August

This was a commissioned art installation for an entryway of a home. There were just a few words that were used as inspiration to begin this project. Those words were laughter, peace, warmth, happiness, comfort. Hopefully my design achieved all of that! When an idea arrives and an artist is given free reign to fully develop and produce what was once only within the imagination, that is a true gift. You never know what will arrive. We shared so many songs, so much joy, tasty meals, and laughter throughout this two day installation. I’m grateful for all of the joyful moments!

Lead artist: Deana Tavares Artist assistants: Karen Young & Micah Rosegrant

And then it unfolded……Two very long, inspired, and uplifting days!

Finished product with light streaming in

Undulating Emergence

There are so many different ways to see and to be seen. Is it ocean? 

Is it forest? Is it both? After all everything in nature is intertwined, interconnected. We are nature. Fluid. Growing and moving through the world as this wave moves through this space. Moving through war to find joy and peace. Moving through injustice in search of community.  Think of every mirrored tile as a person. Not every single one will catch your essence, your image but many will. Perhaps take a moment to reflect, to see yourself. Either way within this space I guarantee that you will be seen!

(The center branches that wave across the wall are an interactive part of this installation. Feel free to grab a sharpie and sign your name or leave a message.)

~Peace 💜, 

Lead artist: Deana J. Tavares ~jummyjeenz

Assistants: Karen Young & Micah Rosegrant 

#Entrywayproject 3/6/22 

Wedding Present Commission July 8th 2022

I was asked to create a small nature painting for a wedding present and was given the liberty to allow my imagination to run free. I knew that one woman loved ferns, the other was a rock climber, and they were both nature lovers. Sometimes simple is better for me as an artist as I then it allows my own intuition arrive. Fun fact: A little bird flew into the shop as I was working on this and you will see it in the video right before I released my little friend.

The Process video…. Acrylic on canvas board 9X14

Believe it or not this little one just flew in as I was writing the post above about the previous bird visit. 😮

Nina Simone commission July 27th 2022

The choice of materials was left up to me and how I wanted to convey this iconic artist. A quote was requested and together we agreed upon this one. “You have to know when to get up from the table when love is no longer being served.” I was also informed by this teacher that she wanted this piece to inspire and uplift her students and I’m hoping that it does just that.

The Process video…. 20X24 Collage, acrylic, graphite pencil, watercolor pencil, on wood

And……………. Drumroll…..The reveal!

We Love You, Earth! Commissioned faux leather jacket August 14th 2022

With this piece I was simply asked to make people fall in love with nature. I hope that it was a success! Many people connected strongly to this piece as well as the other commissions before. I was only asked specifically to add the words (We love you, Earth!) somewhere on the jacket. This piece has generated a great deal pf excitement for others and for myself as well. I plan on creating more of these for sure!

Process video… Acrylic on faux leather

Cajon box drum commission August 29th 2022

I was asked to do this commission and simply to put my signature on it. I had a blast with allowing it to evolve and come together organically. Lettering is something I have always loved doing since I was a teen so I was able to incorporate some song references and super fun 60’s lettering into this project. I’m happy to say that the drum owner was ecstatic to see the reveal and enhancements.

Process video… Acrylic on wood

Art is life, life is art!

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