Hands Off

Hands Off

Hands Off ©2016  pastel, acrylic,charcoal,graphite 

This piece has been sitting in the studio for a while now. I’m really not sure why I didn’t post it sooner. My charcoal and pastel pieces tend to be the ones that evoke a lot of emotions for me. There are many things that I process during the creation of pieces such as this one. We all have situations in life that get in the way of our dreams or hearts intentions. Frustration sets in, and we all go through a wide array of emotions. At times in life the paths are not so clear, sometimes we begin to see them, and then they are covered once again. Distractions and obstacles may happen at times and they can seem to make many things feel impossible. Although when you look deeper they are only tests of strength, determination, and positive energy flow. So I say HANDS OFF! I will keep trudging up that hill and jump every hurdle along that path carrying my leaf blower to clear the path that lies ahead. Though I will always remember that a new path may be revealed within the process.                ~ jummyjeenz

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