Proud to be a woman!

 SeagullCinderellaA letter in response to the controversy surrounding Donna Dodson’s Seagull Cinderella sculpture currently on exhibit at the waterfront in New Bedford MA.

Dear Neighbors and friends,

Has Seagull Cinderella misrepresented herself to be something other than what she is? I don’t believe that she has. I too was born and raised in New Beige, and I am ecstatic that my home town made it on the top 10 list of most artistic towns in the US. Included in a wonderful list with San Juan Puerto Rico, Taos New Mexico, and Hudson Valley New York to name a few. Varied works of art will only add to the richness of our beautiful and vibrant city while bringing together many different individuals from all corners of the world. I’m proud to be a woman and an artist, as well as a huge supporter of the arts within our communities. For me positive images of women in our world are a welcomed site to see. Something that we don’t quite see enough of on a daily basis.

Seagull Cinderella has stood proudly at our Seaport with the salt air gently kissing her beak. Once only an artist’s vision suddenly brought to life with great excitement and creativity. A tastefully reserved vision of femininity and pride. Is it possible that a woman’s figure in 2016 can still be this offensive? Even when smoothed and hidden behind the layers of thick white paint on a bird like creature? What about the very detailed bronze sculptures in the city or even the life-like mannequins in your local mall? Are these not also offensive? Video games? Sitcoms? Music videos? These are things that children are exposed to on a daily basis. Why no love for a feminine seagull in a colorfully tailored dress? Please I ask that you only take a moment to view the world around you and realize that a simple silhouette of a woman’s figure should not be offensive in any way, for the image of this very figure is what has given us all life. In 2016 breasts should never be an issue of contention. Some more important issues are hate, censorship, objectification, violence, and inequality. Kindness and more beauty in the world is what we all need! This very sculpture was created by the very kind and talented artist Donna Dodson. A family friendly image of an elegant, proud, mother-like seagull. Seagull Cinderella was praised and adored by many throughout her travels until her stop at our seaport. I too understand that art is subjective. Not everyone is going to like all art, and that’s ok. However my hope is that by her presence here you too will learn to love this sculpture, or at least accept her presence as a gentle giant and proud feminine figure. Spread Kindness!

~ jummyjeenz

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