Infinite Worlds

imageInfinite Worlds
(When reality is limited the imagination is infinite)
The idea of simultaneously nurturing the right and left brain throughout our entire lives.

I have come to the realization that society puts limitations on us all, but our imaginations are infinite. Hence the appeal of delving deep into your own mind and finding undiscovered treasures lurking around each corner, and then bringing them to light through music, writing, art, poetry, or creating something with your hands. When the world puts road blocks or hurdles in the way I always have another world that I can retreat to. This road is always clear with winding paths, twists, turns, and many self discoveries along the way. Here I make the rules and I am never wrong because it is strictly a place of my own invention, the embodiment of who I am at the very core. My imagination melds this infinite world with the varied experiences that I have lived and shared with others in the real world. These two worlds can work harmoniously together. Just Imagine.

Imagination is something that I was taught to explore at a very young age, a lesson that most children learned in grammar school. Although as we age most individuals lose that infinite world in exchange for the reality that we have that can be limiting at times. As artists we hold on tightly to this amazing gift of imagination that we were made aware of as children. We are told to stop daydreaming, grow up, and get a grip on reality. Music and art programs are eliminated from the school curriculum, the very things that balanced out our grammar school days. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of my art and music teachers in kindergarten through sixth grade. Why not weave these creative elements throughout? What would our world look like if people were encouraged to look inward and use their imaginations long after grammar school? Music, poetry, and art could be integrated into the daily office grind. There could be mandatory creativity classes for all employees to relieve stress and create balance. The unlocking of the right brain may be exactly what our society needs to help combat the difficult times and many bumps on the road of life. Would anyone ride a bike if only the left pedal was working? I don’t think so. I believe that it would only enhance our world and allow us all to have a broader and richer outlook on life. Perhaps maybe even a better understanding of one another. When hope is hard to come by this infinite world is full of just that, and more can always be created. So I say keep dreaming, never fully grow up, and lose your grip on reality once in a while for there are infinite worlds to be explored.


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