The world can be filled with a great deal of negativity at times, but we all have the ability to uplift one another. ~This poem by jummyjeenz was inspired by Gabby Douglas


Gabrielle Gabrielle
With the strength of many
Don’t let them tap your reserves
Because girl you have plenty

Handed down from those
Who came before
They broke those chains
Unlocked those doors

Your discipline, your essence
Your torch burns strongly within
Heed the words of those who fan your flames
Whenever they are dim

Others hide behind the keys of a message board
Aloud they never would utter such insensitive words

Afraid to come into the light
That you have shined so brightly by day
But unfortunately some
Know no other way

They have been taken down
Then choose to take others with them
While you have uplifted
Inspired millions

Your hair connects you, a source of pride
Each strand woven
With the DNA of your ancestors
Locked deep inside

You have moved mountains for many
Clearing away some hurdles
Opening new paths
So many young girls can follow your lead at last

Words on a screen
Not the same as in person
Said to your face they would bear
An exhaustible burden

Not hatred, just inadequacies, insecurity, and boredom
Sparks they may have found
But never had the chance to explore them

Your accomplishments are so extensive
Your journeys not over
For in a field of many
You are that four leaf clover

Keep your head held high
Retain your calmness
Your grace
Continue to let the light beam
From your beautiful face
~jummyjeenz D.T. 2016

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