Seagull Cindy Goes To The Beach

Currently on display at Gallery X in New Bedford MA

Seagull Cinderella Art Pop-Up

(paying homage to Donna Dodson’s Seagull Cinderella sculpture:Seaport Art Walk in N.B.)


Seagull Cindy Goes To The Beach: By: jummyjeenz D.T. ©2016


Seagull Cindy Goes To The Beach:  By jummyjeenz

Seagull Cindy Goes To The Beach

~ Deana J. Tavares 2016

One sunny morning , Seagull Cindy was on her
way to the beach with her friends,
a brand new handmade swimsuit,
and her new found confidence.

Everyone at the beach always had something to
say to Sea-C, as her friends would call her.
She was never sure why this was the case,
as she always chose her words wisely and
tried not to ruffle anyone’s feathers.

Sea-C was always very decent, yet eccentric.
One day she came to the realization that not
everyone would want to be her friend,
and she just had to continue being herself.

She immediately went over to her sewing table
and began to make her most fabulous and
expressive creation yet.

The next day she woke up with a jolt, feeling
stronger then ever before.

She had been to the beach countless times,
but this day was different than any other.

The newly empowered Sea-C walked tall with
her head held high, flapping her wings and
proudly wearing her brand new swimsuit.

Not a peep was heard from the other beach goers,
they just stared in awe.

Seagull Cindy went to the beach everyday after that
with her head held high, and as a result
she made many new friends.

She received such a great response from her
one of a kind beachwear, so she decided
to open up her very own shop.

Sea-C’s shop would sell her beautifully-crafted,
very unique swimsuits, and empower many
within the process.

-The End-
(Inspired by Donna Dodson’s Seagull Cinderella sculpture)

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