Upward Bound

Welcoming a new year to learn, grow and improve. I can say that I spent a great deal of 2016 recovering and adapting from the extremely difficult year that was 2015.

However, self exploration and creativity always found its place within my world as always, forever changing form, but allowing the ideas to flow, and maintaining my sanity.

When hammers where impossible, paint brushes were a good substitute.


1B (24×48)

When paint brushes became cumbersome, charcoal and pastels worked for a bit.

When they felt like lead weights, a pillow-propped iPad was a great tool for self-expression, creativity, and for adding to my poetry compilation.

I was able to delve deeper into my writing than ever before. Never have I been ashamed to say that I have been through many difficult times, because I am a great deal stronger as a result.

Also I have gained more knowledge about who I am as an artist and as an individual. When life hands us obstacles and hurdles we must jump as high as we can and hope for the best. Sometimes there are great things on the other side and many lessons can be learned within the process. In this moment I am feeling extremely grateful to be able to think clearly, imagine, create, and to find inner peace.

There is so much left to explore! Cheers to a new year and all of the positive energy and possibilities that it holds for us all. Peace ~jummyjeenz

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