Finding Hope

Finding Hope

~Deana J. Tavares

Please don’t hope less

Help US

Hope more



I’ve been called worse things before

The very word hopeful

Can inspire


Open doors

Hopeless is final

The elevator doesn’t go any lower

We’ve reached the bottom floor

Hope is eagerly waiting with bated breath

That answers and solutions

Will soon arise

The lack of hope will not

Let anything living


Better yet survive

Lungs and hearts are crushed

By hopeless bricks

Though there are hope filled hacks

And hopeful tricks

There are many cancers that hope has kicked

Hopeless never won awards

Never saw what was behind

Unopened doors

Hopeless never found new paths

New roads to follow

For hopeless there was no tomorrow

But hope will tread a different route

Find the light, not block it out

Even under layers of wood

And dust

Slabs of concrete

Stand up and walk

Upon broken feet

This hope it lives inside us all

Wake up

Shake off the dust

Break down those walls

Preconceived notions



Will only divide

Put it all out there

Then nothing can hide

Or break

Or crack

The earth around US

Rumble and shake

Everything that grounds us

Creating a fissure

A rift

 A crevasse

For without hope

We are all lost

A hopeless world

Will swallow us whole

Flush all of our dreams

Right down the bowl

Please don’t hope less

Help each other

Hope more

© 2017

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